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We’ve established the best vapor pen review website in order to take a closer look at all of the different types of vape pens and electronic cigarettes to analyze products for every taste. If you click on any of the icons below, you will find information and reviews about each provided category. Thanks for taking the time to check out our website. This site has been established since 2010, and it takes a close look at the electronic cigarette industry and what it has to offer. We provide many excellent reviews on e-cigarettes, success tips and industry news. We’ve had more than 1 million people visiting our website, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve recently revamped the entire website to help reflect the changes that are taking place in the industry. As it moves to provide more open-source products that allow users to try custom blended e liquids and personal vaporizers, we wanted our website to reflect these changes. Plus we discuss many of the excellent vapor accessories in existence now that didn’t even exist a year ago.

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Top Vaporizer Pen Reviews for 2015

For quite some time now, we have had quite a loud voice in this industry. We spent a great deal of time, effort, and energy to include all of the excellent devices available today and get up to speed on all of the products including box mods, herb vaporizers and even including craft e-liquids. Many e-cig companies have come and gone, and we’ve also seen vapor stores pop up all around the USA and other parts of the world. As the industry improved technology, it became more difficult to provide valuable reviews highlighting the best-selling products. Five years ago, there were only a relative small number of electronic cigarette brands selling online. Today you can walk into convenience stores and gas stations and find the traditional two piece ecig – Bull Smoke and V2 Cigs made this type famous – or you can check out many of the vapor shops to find an incredible selection of many different electronic cigarette brands.

Truthfully, the vapor industry is just finally taking off. It is still only in its infancy being around since the early 2000s. When looking at the trends, it is quite obvious that this industry doesn’t intend to slow down for a long time and even big tobacco companies are starting to purchase e-cigarette brands while also creating their own electronic cigarettes so that they too can get in on the action. Tobacco products are on their way out and today’s new generation enjoys vapor pens and other e-cigarette devices.

E-cigarettes are taking over as a global trend these days. You’ll find many people vaping in pubs, bars, restaurants, parks and at home.

A cig-a-like is simply known as a mini vapor pen. It basically looks like a real cigarette. This particular type of electronic cigarette comes as two different types. There is the two piece model and the three piece model.

The three piece model has three different components. The components include the cartridge, battery and atomizer. The two piece model is different because it only contains a battery and a cartomizer.

A cartomizer is the component that is a combination of the cartridge and the atomizer. There are advantages to choosing cig-a-likes for your delivery system. They are small and easy to transport which is a big bonus. The drawback is that they have a very short battery life. This is not a suitable device for the heavy e-cigarette user.

Vapor Pens: A Step Up.  

The name suggests all that you need to know. This electronic device is known as a vape pen and it is a midsize device that is much bigger than the mini e cig. It has a long battery life and it’s a good device for those who often smoke vapors. It’s on the expensive side and it’s heavy to carry. We work hard to ensure we give you the best vape pen reviews online.

Vaping Dry Herbs

If this is something you’ve always had questions about, you have to read our reviews of dry herb vaporizers.  These will blow you away.

Vape Pen Reviews 2015

Advanced Personal Vapors and Mods Advanced Personal Vaporizers are also known as Mechanical Mods. These unique devices are different from every other type of e-cigarette that we’ve talked about today. They do not have any circuit boards or wires. They are used mostly with rebuildable atomizers. This is the device that the advanced and professional users will use for all of their electronic cigarette needs, wants and desires.

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Electronic cigarettes may seem like “old school” compared to vape pens and vapor smoking products, but many people still choose to use the classic two piece electronic cigarettes.