10 Pack of FlavorMax Cartridges

You can now purchase 10 packs of FlavorMax cartridges with this most exciting deal offered by Green Smoke. It is always great to have a stock ready 10 pack of flavormax cartridgesfor your future use. These 10 packs are absolutely wonderful with each and every flavor being fresh and super excellent. These cartridges are triple sealed tightly so they remain fresh and protected. The flavors of these cartridges are very unique and are absolutely loved by almost everyone. If you are choosy in deciding flavors, then you have to trust these FlavorMax cartridges, as their flavors will surely satisfy your taste buds. They are absolutely heavenly.

Green Smoke Flavor Max Cartomizer 10 Pack

Each and every flavor is different than every other and has delicious tastes. Red label tobacco has a woody tobacco taste and is strong and bold, absolute tobacco has a mellow and smooth nutty tobacco taste, tobacco gold has an indulgent, sweet and an aromatic tobacco taste, menthol ice has a refreshing taste of pure menthol, mocha mist has a complicated taste of brewed coffee blended with hints of nuts roasted, smooth cream has a sweet taste of fresh cream and fragrant extracts while mountain clove has a spicy with a little bit of sweetness and the exotic taste of clove. Wow! What else would you want?

Each cartridge delivers a long lasting taste and works exactly the way it should. It is definitely worth a try. In 10 packs of cartridges you will not find a single cartridge damages, each of them works perfectly. FlavorMax Cartridges helps to produce thick realistic clouds of vapor. The aroma of these flavors is mouth watering and once you start vaping, you will continue for as long as possible. You will never regret buying this product. It is highly convenient as you can always have packs of cartridges with you, when one if finished.

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