Green Smoke 3 Battery Super Pack

Green Smoke offers you the best deal of a 3-battery super pack with the affordable price. Green Smoke’s 3-battery super pack contains three super 3 battery super packexcellent batteries that are long and they glow green. Batteries with eleven different designs and colors are now available that will surely attract you more towards its beauty. The battery is not only beautiful but it works excellently and is durable. Green Smoke’s batteries are made up of the highest quality material which shows great performance and you will never regret purchasing this product.

Three Batteries Pack by

Green Smoke’s e-cig batteries have amazing features. Green Smoke’s e-cig batteries have a stainless steel casing that can hold a smart chip, a small LED light, a sensor and a lithium polymer battery cell. Lithium polymer battery cell is the source of power. Smart chip helps regulate the battery for most advantageous life. The sensor turns the battery on and off. The LED light glows when you take a puff and the LED cap adds a finishing touch and protects. The connector piece allows the battery and cartridge to connect.

The function of Green Smoke’s e-cig battery is to supply power to the cartridge and it activated automatically as you inhale. Each Green Smoke’s e-cig battery comes with a lifetime limited warranty. These batteries are very easy to use. You just have to twist a cartridge onto your battery. You can vape for a long period of time with these batteries without any problem and after you are done vaping, you should remove the cartridge and place the battery in the carrying case in order to keep it away from any dust or other everyday debris or your battery can get clogged and stop working properly.

If you want the better performance of your e-cig batteries then a few things can help maximize its performance. Before the batteries are totally drained, you should charge them and don’t wait for the LED light to blink. You should avoid exposing batteries to water and extreme temperatures (cold or hot) while you are charging the batteries. Do not exhale into the batteries, only inhale from them.

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