Aqua Cig

Aqua Cig is a US based ecigs. Aqua Cig operates from Walnut, CA.  Available at Aqua Cig electronic cigarette starter kits, disposable ecigs, cartridges and ecig accessories.

The variety available at Aqua Cig is limited as the company offers only two starter kits. The starting price of the kits is $27.95. On the other hand, with respect to disposable ecigs, Aqua Cig offers one basic disposable electronic cigarette. Users can choose the ecig in either tobacco or menthol flavor.

Aqua Cig also offers ecig accessories. The accessories category is marked by limited options but contains all the basic items you need to have a complete ecig smoking experience. Users can get chargers, cases and other accessories from Aqua Cig at very low prices.

For those interested in buying cartridges, Aqua Cig has something for you. At Aqua Cig, you can get electronic cigarette cartridges in three flavors; tobacco, menthol and cherry. Aqua Cig offers shipment across US, Canada and in international markets. For more information and to place your orders, visit the company’s website. Interested buyers can pay via Visa, Mastercard and other payment options. Aqua Cig also has something in store for those who want to get rewarded!

While I haven’t used this brand personally, their low prices led me to want to post an article about this.  If you are looking for a low priced electronic cigarette, perhaps this is of interest to you.

I’ll let you decide for yourself, I’m simply just out there announcing news and helping out consumers.

Thanks for reading.  Be sure to check out the ultra low priced kits I just wrote about over at Crown Vape.