Bull Smoke

For those of you that like and enjoy the Western look on their tobacco products, then you’re definitely going to love the electronic cigarette Bull Smoke. The Bull Smoke logo was made famous due to originality and a straightforward approach, and this top tier e cig brand is quite formidable and has significant market share in the electronic cigarette world.

Bull Smoke Review

We originally chose to update this review in 2012 because the brand had recently updated its technology and now even has more than 20 new battery options. In 2015, the company is now offering starter kits at an incredibly affordable price, and they are considered the number one cig-a-like option for those looking to get high quality and low cost electronic cigarettes.

They actually upgraded their entire line of products, and we are very excited to recommend this brand to those who are looking for the best of the best when it comes to e-cigarettes. Looking at the famous Brahma bull logo will you remind you that this is a brand to be reckoned with. It will remind you that this is a brand that you will never forget. And it will remind you that they offer incredibly low cost e-cigarette options and starter kits to those in need.

At one time, the starter kits retailed for $74.99, but right now they are only selling for $29! And you can get an additional 10% discount if you use the “NoBull” coupon code.

American Ranger and Turkish Tobacco Flavors in the Starter Kit

Remember, Bull Smoke is looking to provide that traditional Western experience with its e- cigarettes.

The American Ranger flavor could very well be compared to Marlboro cigarettes. It’s also very similar to Chesterfield, Lucky Strike, Winston, Doral and Pall Mall brands. So if you like the flavor of many of the traditional American cigarettes, then you’re definitely going to love the flavor of the American Ranger E liquid offered by Bull Smoke.

On the other hand, the Turkish tobacco flavor can easily be compared to Merit, Kent, American Spirit, Samsun and Marad brands. So if you are into any of the brands that we just mentioned, then the Turkish tobacco E liquid is definitely going to be right up your alley.

They also have a starter kit that they call City Slicker. This is there more socially geared starter kit and it actually contains 10 different Bull Smoke flavors for you to try. Some of the favorites are Menthol Breeze, Coffee Roast and many more.

Remember to take advantage of the 10% discount that you will receive by using the Bull Smoke coupon code: “NoBull.”

Why Is Bull Smoke Such a Popular Brand?

The brand is incredibly popular for a number of reasons, but the first thing that immediately comes to mind is the high quality of their batteries. They offer 24 different varieties of batteries at the 4.2 V range, and they have them in a wide variety of colors including white, orange, chrome and black. The batteries come in three sizes as well: short (Stubby), standard and long (Kentucky.)

Another reason why Bull Smoke is incredibly popular is because of the level of nicotine available in their cartridges. Many people buy from Bull Smoke because they’re looking for the best nicotine fix, and the 2.4% milligram nicotine cartridges are the reason why Bull Smoke has many loyal customers that will continue with them for many years to come.

Finally, we’d like to mention the great customer service. This family-owned company provides a level of customer service satisfaction that all can appreciate.

Visit Bull Smoke today by checking out their website by Bull Smoke.

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