Crown Vape

Based in the US, Crown Vape is an electronic cigarette company that offers electronic cigarette starter kits, electronic cigarettes parts, ecig accessories and electronic cigarette liquid.

Crown Vape Review

Even though the variety at Crown Vape is somewhat selective, users can get their choice of product easily. Crown Vape offers three starter kits for users to get started on ecig smoking. The starting price of the kits is $12.99. The ecig devices offered by Crown Vape are incredibly easy to use and boast a unique and authentic design.

Moreover, along with starter kits, Crown Vape also offers batteries, clearomizers, tanks, drip tips, chargers, cases and accessories. As in the case of starter kits, the variety in the following categories is also limited.

On the other hand, Crown Vape also offers premium grade eliquid made using high grade, USP/kosher and all natural ingredients. The eliquid is marked by high quality and will therefore guarantee a smooth vaping experience. Users can get the eliquid in many flavors such as Pine Double App, Manic Melon, Baron’s Brew and many others. Crown Vape leaves it on the users to pick the nicotine strength of their liquid, giving them two options to choose from; 6mg and 18mg.

With a starter kit starting at just $12.99, this is one of the best priced kits money can buy. I have NEVER seen a kit priced that low.  Does it work though?  That is the ultimate question.  I’m just here reviewing the offer and haven’t sampled the goods yet.  If you do want to do that, please check out their website, which I linked above.  Here is a screen capture of their website so you can have a look.

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Crown Vape Review