Designer Batteries

If you are a perfectionist and are looking for something different and unique, then you should definitely purchase Green Smoke’s Designer batteries. designer batteriesThese batteries have a sleek design and are very beautiful with different prints and patterns made. They are available in many different fantastic colors and works beyond perfection. You will never regret buying this product as it is absolutely wonderful.

Green Smoke’s designer batteries are durable and they can help power up your electronic cigarette which will produce great flavor and thick clouds in return. Green Smoke’s designer batteries take less time to charge and can work for a longer period of time. It is built from high quality material for endurance. It also has the feature of letting you know when the battery needs to be recharged. The LED light blinks when the battery needs to be recharged and the LED light glows when you take a puff.

Green Smoke’s designer batteries are available in two lengths i.e. classic (short) and extra power (long). A short battery with cartridge is 4.0″ long and 160 mAh while the long battery with cartridge is 4.6″ long and 270 mAh. You can now pick your style with white, pink r 9 designer options. Lifetime limited warranty is available with each designer battery. Green Smoke’s designer battery is very handy and easy to use. You just have to twist a cartridge onto your battery and take a puff. This is how simple it is.

You can keep your battery protected removing the cartridge from the battery after you finish vaping and storing it in a carrying case for protection but if your battery is exposed to dust, crumbs, pocket lint or other debris then your battery can get clogged and stop working. To maximize the performance of your battery you need to have some tips in your mind. Avoid exposing them to water or extreme temperatures. While the battery is connected to the charger, you need to remove it within 24 hours or the battery might get damaged. Do not exhale into the batteries, you should only inhale from batteries. Charge the batteries before they are totally drained.