Ever Smoke

Have you ever considered smoking electronic cigarettes? We have just discovered a brand that really has the opportunity to change your life.

Ever Smoke is one of the newer e-cigarette brands, but e-cigarette aficionados are quickly learning that it is one of the best companies out there today.

Ever Smoke Review

There are e-cigarette brands that make it very complicated without going the extra mile to explain all of the e-cigarette component processes. Ever Smoke, on the other hand, has a simple to read and straightforward website that makes it very easy for beginners to understand e-cigarettes.

We are happy to share our review after taking the starter kit for a test drive.

Once this e cig company began showing up on other websites, and we read many of the reviews on the web, we decided to reach out to the parent company to ask if we can use their starter kit and take it for a test drive. To say that we were thoroughly impressed is an understatement!

Read our full Ever Smoke review below.

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The battery packs a powerful punch of vapor and it’s certainly the most realistic looking battery. It looks so close to a real cigarette that you might confuse yourself and think that you’re smoking the actual real thing.

The Ever Smoke battery is available in three colors and it is very sleek when you compare it to the rest of the market. One difference that you’ll notice immediately is the LED Crystal tip. This really makes the device stand out.

The company went above and beyond as far as packaging goes. The carrying cases look exactly like a pack of cigarettes that you would purchase at your local convenience store.

What Will You Receive When Purchasing Ever Smoke?

  • A wall charger, a USB charger, five nicotine cartridges of your choice, five cartridges and a battery of your choice.

Plus, you’ll get everything that you need to learn about Ever Smoke with all of the “how to’s” and information that is available in the owner’s manual.

The look, feel and packaging made available by Ever Smoke are as good, if not better, than any of the other e cigs on the market. As an example, the blister packs and the flip top cartridge boxes as well as the way they use colors make the presentation very professional.

Ever Smoke also offers two more encompassing kits. The premium starter kit provides an additional battery. Or you can take advantage of the ultimate starter kit, which contains everything listed above, as well as 15 cartridges and a car charger.

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EverSmoke.com Review – Final Thoughts

We endorse Ever Smoke fully and really like this company and their electronic cigarettes.

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