Express Kit

The Express kit is one of the most famous and excellent kit that contains almost everything that you desire. This Kit is highly convenient and you can take it anywhere you can possibly go. The Express Kit is absolutely amazing. It contains the highest quality products which include batteries, carrying case, cartridges, a home adapter and a USB charger. With the help of these products your vaping can become more enjoyable. This kit is affordable and you should definitely purchase this once and you will feel the difference.

Green Smoke Express Starter Kit Review

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express kit

This Express kit offers a pack of cartridge. The pack contains one of the most delicious flavors with different specific tastes. Menthol Ice which gives a refreshing and energizing taste of pure menthol, Mountain Clove is spicy with a little bit of sweetness, Smooth cream gives a sweetly mild taste of fresh cream, Absolute Tobacco gives a smooth and nutty tobacco taste, Tobacco gold gives an aromatic and sweet tobacco taste and Red label tobacco has a robust and woody tobacco taste. Now you know how wonderful these flavors can taste so you should definitely give it a try.

Before buying this awesome kit, it offers you to select your battery type and the length of it which can be very convenient. So you can buy it according to what you prefer. The battery is of a great quality and can last for a longer period of time without any problem and can function properly non-stop. The battery is durable and can hold a smart chip, a sensor, a small LED light and a lithium polymer battery cell due to the stainless steel casing. The function of the battery is to supply power to the cartridge and activates by the sensor automatically as you inhale. When you are vaping, the LED light would glow and if it needs to be recharged it would start blinking to let you know it is running out of charge.

The carrying cases are also included in the Express kit which has a sleek design and they can hold a USB charger, two short or long batteries and two e-liquid cartridges. To hold two more cartridges you can use one of the battery slots according to your preference. The best part about these carrying cases is that they are available in two amazing colors that are absolutely loved by almost everyone. The colors are green and black and it makes the carrying case look more attractive and wonderful. So now your vaping can be more enjoyable with these fantastic products.

The home adapter can be highly convenient for you, as you can charge your batteries anytime at home when needed. This home adapter is of the greatest quality and is durable. It functions perfectly and powers up your batteries. It is something very important to have in order to keep your batteries charges all the time. In case your e-cig runs out of battery, you can always have this with you and can charge perfectly any time.

The Express kit contains another important product that is the USB charger. The best part about the USB charger is that you can easily charge your batteries while you are working on your computer or laptop. You just have to plug it in and it would start charging perfectly without any problem. It takes less time to charge the batteries and powers them up to work for a longer period of time. This USB ecigarette charger is durable and extremely convenient. With the help of the USB charger you can charge your batteries at home as well at your office or anywhere where you have your laptop with you.

You will definitely be satisfied with this Express kit as it contains everything that is essential for vaping. It is extremely easy to use, operate and charge. It is a wonderful product overall. The vapor production is amazing and the battery life lasts for longer time. If you are a heavy vapor and are looking for something that can satisfy your taste buds, then you should give this product a try and you will never regret buying this. You can now recycle the cartridges that are finished by sending them back to the company and you will be rewarded 28 points for sending 80 cartridges back so instead of throwing them away or collecting them, you have a great option of helping recycle the product.

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