Leather Case

Carrying cases are highly convenient as you can keep your e-cig accessories safely inside it. Green Smoke offers beautiful leather cases at affordable leather caserange that can protect many of your e-cig products. Leather case is one of the carrying cases that are designed to hold two long and short batteries, two e-liquid cartridges and one USB charger. You can also use one of the battery slots according to your preference to hold two more cartridges. Green Smoke’s Leather case is available in three different classic colors i.e. brown leather, tan leather and black leather. Now you can choose any color that you prefer and can safely keep your products inside.

The Green Smoke Leather Case Review

With the help of this leather case, you can keep your e-cig products organized. It not only looks great but also protects and stores your vaping essentials. Green Smoke’s leather case is up of the best quality leather and is durable. It unzips flat to safely house all the things you need. This leather case is especially designed for your Green Smoke products. It has enough room to store two full e-cigs and more. It also has slots for spare cartridges, USB charger and extra batteries. It performs well and the perfect stitching of this leather case feels great and comfortable.

Green Smoke’s leather case has amazing features. The leather is soft and it feels superior. The zipper of the leather case is durable and is secure. You can keep you ID card, a credit card and you can also stash a little bit of cash in the inside pocket of the leather case. The USB charger slot is highly convenient and you can easily recharge your batteries. Green Smoke’s leather case has two battery slots so if you bring a spare one along, you will never run out. This leather case also has great space for three cartridges. What else would you possible want? Green Smoke’s leather case keeps all your vaping essentials perfectly and you will surely be satisfied with its performance. It can protect batteries from dust and moisture and makes sure your batteries are powerful and work properly.

Purchase it online here and save.  You can also read a full Green Smoke brand review on that page.  Green Smoke has always been among the recommended e cig brands.