Love Birds Kit

Today we review the Green Smoke kit made for couples – the Love Birds Kit!

If you are a heavy vapor and you are looking for something that will give you a perfect vaping experience then you should definitely purchase this product. Green Smoke’s love birds kit consists of everything that you are looking for and has the highest quality. It will surely satisfy you with its performance. The products included in Green Smoke’s Love Birds kit are great and highly convenient. Green Smoke’s love birds’ kit is ideal for love birds kit by Green Smokefriends, couples, colleagues and family members who want to dive into the world of Green Smoke. Green Smoke’s Love Birds kit consists of cartridges, batteries, carrying cases, home adapters, car adapters and USB chargers for electronic cigarettes. What else would you want?

The Love Birds Starter Kits Review

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Four Packs of Cartridges:

Each pack of cartridge has eight amazing flavors that will surely satisfy your taste buds. These flavors taste differently. Smooth cream gives a sweetly mild taste of fresh cream, Mountain Clove is spicy with a little bit of sweetness, Tobacco gold gives an aromatic and sweet tobacco taste and Red label tobacco has a robust and woody tobacco taste, Absolute Tobacco gives a smooth and nutty tobacco taste, Menthol Ice which gives a refreshing and energizing taste of pure menthol. Wow! Isn’t it mouth watering?

Six Batteries:

Six long batteries are included in Green Smoke’s Love Birds kit. One of the main features of this battery is to supply power to the cartridges and it is automatically activated by the sensor when you inhale. The stainless steel case of these batteries can hold a sensor, a smart chip, a LED light and a lithium polymer battery cell. It has the amazing feature of letting you know when to charge the battery which is highly convenient. The LED light glows while you are vaping and it would start blinking when the battery needs to be recharged.

Two Carrying Cases:

Two fantastic carrying cases that have a sleek design are included in Green Smoke’s Love Birds kit. These carrying cases are very handy and you can easily take it with you where ever you want. These carrying cases are designed to hold two e-liquid cartridges, two short and long batteries and one USB charger. It has the option to use hold two more cartridges by using one of the battery slots according to your preference.

Two Home Adapters:

One of the most important products is the home adapter that is definitely going to make you satisfied with its great performance. Two home adapters of the greatest quality are available in the Green Smoke’s Love Bird kit. Now with the help of this home adapter you can charge your batteries anytime at home. They are two home adapters so you always have an extra one in stock in case the other gets damaged.

Two Car Adapters:

If you are a traveler and looking for something that can help you charges your batteries even in the car while traveling from one place to another, then this Car adapter is definitely what you are looking for. This car adapter has made life easier for many people as they can now charge their batteries anywhere. Love Birds Kit’s Car adapter is highly durable and charges the battery in less time and works fr a longer period of time.

Two USB Chargers:

Another great product included in Green Smoke’s Love Birds kit is the USB charger. With the help of this charger, you can charge the batteries while working on your laptop or your computer. This not only charges the batteries but also powers them up and can work for a longer period without any need of recharging. So you can charge your batteries anywhere you have a laptop or a computer where you just have to plug the device in and it starts to charge. As these are compact in size, you can easily carry them with you anywhere you go.

Who you should purchase Green Smoke’s Love Birds kit?

With the help of this Green Smoke’s Love Birds kit you can make your vaping experience more enjoyable. The taste is authentic and the experience pleasurable. The Love Bird kit includes 20 atomizers at the strength and flavor of your choice. Choose 4 batteries at regular or 100 length as well. Their batteries are the longest lasting you would have ever tried. It is a perfect package of the perfect quality that you can never find anywhere else.