Pro Kit

A Pro kit contains cartridge pack, batteries, a carrying case, home adapter, car adapter and USB charger. There are two packs of cartridges with different flavors. The flavors include tobacco, menthol ice, mocha mist, mountain clove, Red label tobacco, smooth cream, tobacco gold and smooth cream. These flavors have their own special tastes that are super delicious and you will surely love them. You can choose the flavors for your pack according to your preference.

GreenSmoke Pro Starter Kit review 2015

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Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit

The carrying case that is included in the kit is designed perfectly to hold two short and long batteries, two e-liquid cartridges and one USB charger. You can use one of the battery slots according to your preference to hold two more cartridges. These carrying cases are available in two fantastic colors which are black and green.

The Pro kit also contains batteries that are of the best quality. They are long lasting and durable. These batteries has a stainless steel casing that helps to hold a lithium polymer battery cell, a sensor, a small LED light and a smart chip. Power is supplied by the battery to the cartridges and is automatically activated by the sensor when you inhale it. While vaping, the LED light starts to glow and also blinks to let you know when the battery needs to be recharged. The batteries have a longer lasting charge time that allows you to not have to worry about constantly plugging in the battery.

The home adapter, car adapter and USB charger can be highly convenient for you. Now you can charge your batteries anytime where ever you are with these amazing devices. These are compact and easy to take it with you anywhere you go. So you can charge the batteries at home, at office, while working on your laptop or computer or while traveling. What else do you want? This is a super excellent kit with everything you are looking for and you will surely love it. The USB charger can be used on the computer as well as the wall jack which is absolutely great.

This Pro kit has all your vaping essentials. It will give you the taste full of flavor and full of pleasure exactly the way you desire. As the key to vaping is great flavor. This offers you to discover your favorite from the selection of custom flavor blends. Vaping pleasure with this technology is maximized and also includes the original GreenSeal plugs for freshness and the components of GreenShield for high-volume vapor and long lasting flavor.

Flavorful and thick clouds of vapors can be obtained from the e-liquid when it is vaporized by a heating element. The battery powers up the heating element. This Pro kit contains battery that is made from high quality material because a more powerful battery can create a more plentiful vapor. These batteries are built to help maximize your vapor.

If you are wondering what happens after you finish a cartridge. You throw it away or some people dispose them off responsibly while some collect them. Now you have the great option of sending it back to the company for recycling and you would be rewarded with 26 points for every 80 used cartridges sent back and will also pay you the return shipping. It’s is all your choice but this can be a great option.

You should definitely purchase this product once and you will never regret buying this. After you buy this Kit you will surely feel the difference between this and other ordinary kits. This is a special kit which has the best quality accessories and is durable. You can never find anything like this again, this is how perfect it actually is. You will surely get a great vaping experience with this Pro Kit. It contains everything you need for vaping and can be highly convenient.

This Pro Kit is very simple to assemble and use. It tastes great and makes vaping a lot more enjoyable with this kit. It is a super excellent product that is very easy to use and handle. You will be delighted with this Pro kit. This Pro kit is excellent as compares to other kits as it produces great smoke and a wonderful flavor. The most important is that the flavor is long lasting and it also produces a wonderful aroma.  There is only one larger kit, and that’s the Green Smoke Ultimate.

This ranks up there with all the top e cig brands.  You can read the library of reviews to see for yourself.