Smoke Frii

Smoke Frii is a US based e cigarette brand. Available at Smoke Frii are electronic cigarette starter kits, disposable ecigs, cartomizers, eliquid and accessories.

Starter Kits

There is plenty of choice in starter kits at Smoke Frii as the company offers 7 different kits to choose from. From beginner level kits to advanced level, you can find it all at Smoke Frii. The kits available are Premiere Starter Kit, Frii Zego, Deluxe Starter Kit, Tobacco Express kit, Menthol Express Kit, Tobacco Express Kit – 6 pack and Menthol Express Kit -6 pack. All kits fall in the $19.95 – $89.70 price range.


If you don’t want to buy a starter kit, you can get the Smoke Frii disposable. The Smoke Frii disposable, which is available for $5.99, is equal to 400 puffs and is available in five flavors including blueberry, tobacco, coffee, grape and menthol.


Smoke Frii offers premium quality eliquid manufactured in the United States. The eliquid is available in 10ml bottle sizes and is available in the following flavors: midnight express, banana nut bread, peach lemonade and strawnana smoothie.

Along with starter kits, disposables and eliquid, Smoke Frii also offers electronic cigarette accessories such as car charger kit, carrying case, USB passthroughs and electronic cigarette cartomizers.

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