There are many e cigarette companies out there you probably haven’t heard of.  My job, as an analyst and review specialist, is to introduce you to these brands and help you pick out the best company to go with.  Investing in e cigarette starter kits can be expensive if you are always changing brands and trying new items, so my website is really driven to helping you figure out just which brand you should buy into so you can save your hard earned cash.

SmokeStik is one of those brands that compromise on quality for the outlook and design of an electronic cigarette. The SmokeStik ecig is great to look and is available in tons of colors and patterns. Its targeting the youth who like to carry gadgets that give them a great sense of fashion. So if you are a casual smoker and want to carry an electronic cigarette in your hand just to show off the new device to your friends, you will love SmokeStik. The brand gives you the ability to customize your device using several skins available at their accessory store. You can pick from several designs and patterns to help you create a unique device.

If you are picking electronic cigarettes because you want to quit regular smoking, then you may be disappointed. The SmokeStik ecig doesn’t give you the experience you are looking for if you are quitting smokes. The vapor is very subtle and does not give any kind of throat hit. This feels more like a sheesha or hookah and is suitable for only casual smokers.

SmokeStik offers money back guarantee to all its customers on all devices bought from their official store. This is a great way to try out their ecig.

Another low priced brand to take a look at is Aqua Cig.