Sparkle Carrying Case

Green Smoke’s sparkle carrying case is not like any ordinary carrying case. Green Smoke ensures that you have the right case for every occasion. This sparkle carrying casecarrying case has the most wonderful design and is very sparkly. You can take this Sparkly carrying case with you to parties and it is surely going to make your vaping more enjoyable. Green Smoke’s Sparkly carrying case is available in two fantastic colors with the most beautiful designs made on them. The black carrying case is studded with silver and green decorative crystals while the green carrying case is very colorful with blue, green and brown decorative crystals studded onto the case.

Green Smoke Sparkle Carrying Case Review

Green Smoke’s sparkle carrying case is not only beautiful but it also works super excellently and helps to store and protect your important vaping essentials. This carrying case can hold one USB charger, two e-liquid cartridges and two long and short batteries. It also has enough room to store two more cartridges by using one of the battery slots according to your preference. Add style and elegance to your vaping with Green Smoke’s sparkle carrying case and indulge yourself with a little luxury. Wherever you go, these cases can be great conversation starters. Green Smoke’s sparkle carrying case has crystals studded on them that sparkles and shines and makes it more attractive.

To protect the crystals studded onto the case, Green Smoke’s sparkle carrying case comes with a drawstring bag. It has a smooth, hard plastic cover that is full of sparkly crystals. For easy opening and closing of this carrying case, it has special clasp. The interior lining of Green Smoke’s sparkle carrying case is soft and velveteen. This carrying case has two battery slots, bring a spare so that you never run out. It also has enough space for two flavored cartridges and a one battery slot can also be used to hold two cartridges instead. Green Smoke’s sparkle carrying case has room for one USB charger which is highly convenient and you can charge on the go. This carrying case is a perfect package and can protect your vaping essentials from everyday debris.

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