Ultimate Kit

The ultimate kit includes a lot more products than other kits and has a great quality. This kit is a perfect package that is essential for vaping and makes it more pleasurable. The products that are included in the ultimate kit are two packs of cartridges, four batteries, one carrying case, one leather carrying case, one car adapter, one home adapter and two USB chargers. Wow! Isn’t it absolutely great to have so many products in a kit which are highly convenient and work perfectly? You can now have the greatest experience of vaping with this kit and you will surely be satisfied with its wonderful performance.

Green Smoke Ultimate Starter Kit Review

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ultimate kit

The two packs of cartridges that are offered by the Ultimate kit include flavors that have the most delicious taste. You can now have the option to select your cartridge packs. These flavors have specific tastes that are super excellent and are loved by almost everyone. Smooth cream gives a sweetly mild taste of fresh cream, Mountain Clove is spicy with a little bit of sweetness, Tobacco gold gives an aromatic and sweet tobacco taste and Red label tobacco has a robust and woody tobacco taste, Absolute Tobacco gives a smooth and nutty tobacco taste, Menthol Ice which gives a refreshing and energizing taste of pure menthol.

Four batteries are included in the Ultimate kit in which three are long and one is short. You have the option to select the type of battery you prefer and its length. These batteries have a stainless steel case that can hole a sensor, a LED light, a smart chip and a lithium polymer battery cell. Power is supplied to the cartridge by the battery and when you inhale, it is automatically activated by the sensor. The LED light glows while you are vaping and it would start blinking when the battery needs to be recharged. So, it has the feature of letting you know when to charge the battery which is highly convenient.

The ultimate kit contains a carrying case that helps to hold two short and long batteries, two e-liquid cartridges and a USB charger. The carrying case is available in two wonderful colors which are green and black. These colors are loved by many people and it makes your products look more beautiful and attractive. It also has the option to use one of the battery slots to hold two more cartridges if your prefer this. The carrying case has a very sleek design and is made up of great quality. It is durable and easy to use.

The leather case has the same function as the carrying case. The leather case is wonderful and it looks absolutely great to carry. This leather case is available in three different colors that are absolutely amazing. It is available in brown, black and tan leather which makes it look more attractive and is very handy. You can easily carry it with you anywhere you can go and it keeps the products safe inside.

The home adapter that is included in the Ultimate kit is something everyone should have because it is very convenient. With the help of this you can charge your batteries anytime at home and they help power up your batteries which makes them work for a longer period of time. This home adapter is durable and works exactly the way it should. They can boost up your battery life.

If you are a traveler and you usually have to move from one place to another then the Car adapter is the perfect product for you. It can be very convenient as you can take it with you anywhere you go. You can now charge the batteries in the car with the help of this Car adapter. It is compact and can charge in less time and for a longer period of time. With this product you can have your batteries charged all the time and you can enjoy vaping comfortably anytime.

If you are a heavy vapor and you need to charge your batteries regularly then this car adapter and home adapter can be very convenient for you. With these products there is another brilliant product available in the ultimate kit too which is the USB charger. You can charge it anytime by plugging the USB in your laptop or computer.

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