VIP Vapor Cig

VipVaporCig is a premium electronic cigarette online shop that deals in ecig kits and mods, accessories, eliquid, DIY supplies, standalone flavorings and other goods. Although the shop sells many different components for ecigs, it is mostly known for its premium eliquids. The eliquids produced by VipVaporCig are genuinely authentic in taste and quality. These are produced right here in the U.S under strict quality guidelines.  It’s one of the many e cigarette brand list that you may not have heard about yet, but I took some time to dive into their offer and see if I can change that.

VIP Vapor Cig Review

Navigate towards the eliquid section and you will be welcomed with tons of different ecig liquids to choose from. These are categorized as VIP eliquid specialties, drinks, sweets, and bakery, favorites, fruits, tobacco and misc flavors. All of these categories have tons of different flavors to choose from so expect yourself to easily get lost in the huge variety.

All eliquid available on VipVaporCig can be obtained for a PG/VG ratio of 80/20 or 60/40. If you love a good throat hit, go for the one with 80% PG, but if you like your vapor to be dense and smooth, go for the one with 40% VG. You can also select from a special blend that has 100% VG.

The nicotine strength levels available on the shop go as high as 36mg, giving you a very powerful hit. The VipVaporCig flavors are great if you are new to ecigs and want to try something hard.

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