Virgin Vapor

Based in the US, Virgin Vapor offers high quality eliquid to ecig enthusiasts. The eliquid is manufactured in the US and does not contain any low grade ingredients. None of the company’s ingredients are from China. It’s a growing trend a number of electronic cigarette brands are starting to do.  (Making their liquids in the USA.)  The company also offers ecig hardware and accessories.


In hardware, Virgin Vapor offers eight different starter kits and variable voltage devices for advanced users. The starter kits are good for beginner level users and are available for a starting price of $14.99 for the Easy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. The most expensive kit at Virgin Vapor is the ViVi Twist Starter Kit priced at $74.99.

E liquid

On the other hand, in eliquid, Virgin Vapor offers Organic Eliquid that is manufactured using high grade and safe ingredients. The eliquid is available in many flavors including chocolate, citrus, breakfast, caramel, berry, bottles, absolute virgin, holiday, tobacco among others. Virgin Vapor offers the 3 pack of eliquid for $11.99.

Other Ecig Parts And Upgrades

Other ecig parts and upgrades available at Virgin Vapor are bottles, batteries, drip tips, ecig parts and accessories such as batteries, chargers, adapters and such.

More information about Virgin Vapor can be obtained from the company’s official website. You can use Visa and other payment options to place orders.

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