Vuse electronic cigarette is an American electronic cigarette company that offers supreme quality electronic cigarettes. According to vuse electronic cigarettes, its hardware is the smartest in the world.

Katie, from E-CigIntelligence, a very popular YouTube Channel about vaping, opens up the device in this short video.

If you are looking for variety in flavors, vuse electronic cigarette is not your best choice as there are only two flavors available in which you can buy your cigarettes in including Original and Menthol. However, if variety in flavor is not what you are looking for, you will enjoy Vuse electronic cigarettes as they deliver a great throat hit and a smooth vaping experience.

A typical vuse electronic cigarette boasts an incredibly unique, simple yet classy design. Vuse electronic cigarettes are easy to hold and do not weigh much. Moreover, they are a great add-on for parties too as unlike other electronic cigarettes that lack in design, Vuse electronic cigarettes are exemplary.

Vuse electronic cigarettes does not offer its products on its official website unlike ecig manufacturers. This means that you will not be able to buy the ecigs directly off the site. In order to buy vuse electronic cigarette, you will have to find its nearest retail store around your area. To do that, you will have to visit the company’s website and enter your zip code.

That’s just a quick snapshot of what you need to know about Vuse electronic cigarette brand.  Now, for a lesser known brand, check out Voda Vapor.  Based in Arizona, they are lesser known by certainly have their skin in the game.