How to Check On Your Electronic Cigarette Battery

Electronic cigarettes were launched in 2004.

Since then, these devices have become popular all over the world. One of the major differences between electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes is that the former does not emit any smoke. Electronic cigarettes only emit water vapors that are safe for the people around you. An atomizer is a component of electronic cigarette which contains e-liquid. The battery provides power to the atomizer which in turn heats up the e-liquid or e-juice to produce water vapors.

Every electronic cigarette comes with a rechargeable battery. However, sometimes the battery might not work properly. There are many ways to check if the battery of your device is working properly or not.

  1. If you feel that there is a problem with your battery then disconnect it from the filter. Once you have disconnected it clean it with a cloth and then reconnect it to the filter. Sometimes dust can stick on the connection points of the battery and the filter thus causing hindrance in its operations. If you still feel that the battery is not working properly then it is advisable to change the battery.
  2. The battery of an electric cigarette contains a control chip. This chip can malfunction if there is moisture inside the battery. Hence, you must frequently check the area around the cartridge for any signs of liquid on the battery. If you notice that the battery is wet then you must remove it and place it in a sealed bag for 2 days. This will remove the moisture from the battery.
  3. Always charge your battery. Your device will not produce sufficient vapors if the battery is not completely charged. Furthermore, make sure not to charge a wet battery as this might cause the control chip to short-circuit.