How to Properly Clean Your Electronic Cigarette

All things considered, cleaning an electronic cigarette is quite easy.  Today on e cig blog, I’ll share some tips on how I clean my e cigarette components.

Cleaning Electronic Cigarettes

  • Have white paper towels handy because you will need to remove the tank from the battery and completely remove it.
  • Remove the tank and get rid of any extra liquid and place in a separate container.  Place the tank under warm water until you don’t see any trace of e liquid.  Use cotton swabs if you prefer to clean the threading on the inside of the tank.
  • Wait until the inside and outside of the tank is totally dry before you put it to use again.  Let it dry under a fan or use a blow dryer if you need to use it faster.
  • Make sure there are no remains such as dirt or oil.  This can contaminate the threading.
  • When the tank is entirely dry, it’s ready for use again.

Once you’ve gone through three to four e liquid bottles, you’ll want to commence with cleaning your tank and device.  Also, it’s smart to do this task whenever you start using a new e liquid flavor.

Cleaning Your Vapor Pen With White Vinegar

Vaping pens are extremely helpful, especially in the winter season, as they provide an easy and cost effective way of smoking. These days you can find various kinds of vaporizers online. These vaporizers can easily be bought by just doing a few clicks. An important thing that you should remember is that vaporizers are required to be maintained effectively. If they are not adequately maintained, then they can build bacteria. You can easily clean your vaporizer with white vinegar. For those of you who don’t know, white vinegar is well known for its disinfecting abilities. White vinegar is non toxic and is used for cleaning purposes. The following are some important steps to consider while cleaning your vaporizer with white vinegar.

  1. Carefully detach the power and steam unit from your water tank. After you have unscrewed the unit, keep the screws at a safe place as you will need them once you have cleaned your vaporizer.
  2. Shake the steam unit well in order to drain out any remaining water which might be inside. Also, don’t forget to drain excess water from your water tank.
  3. Take your steam unit and place it inside a big bowl or bucket. Once the steam unit is inside the bowl, pour in the white vinegar on top of it. However, make sure that the vinegar level doesn’t cross the motor. The vinegar should only cover the filter area. Allow the steam unit to completely drench in vinegar for at least 10-15 minutes.
  4. Take a clean cloth and insert a few drops of vinegar on it. Use this cloth to clean the interior and exterior body of your reservoir or water tank. You can also use a brush to clean big particles that might be stuck on the body of your tank.
  5. Once you have completely cleaned your steam unit, take it out from the bowl. Drain the remaining vinegar. Out the steam unit on a dry towel or cloth and let it dry. You can use a clean cloth to dry the steam unit. Once dry, attach it with the other components.

Those are just a few of my tips on how to clean your electronic cigarettes.  Please leave a question if you have any further queries.