Smokers Cough

Most people who smoke cigarettes or anything can develop smokers cough.  Learn about this problem and find out how to stop coughing.

It’s easy to find someone who has smoked for a long period of time long before you have a chance to eyeball their health records.  A big sign of a long term smoker is someone who has the famous hacking noise known as “Smoker’s cough.”  You’ll also hear a raspy, rickety voice from anyone unlucky enough to possess this medical condition.

WARNING:  The Video below is a series of people who suffer from smoker’s cough. If you are grossed out by hacking noises, just skim down past the video and DO NOT watch it.

Just What is Smoker’s Cough?

This condition is a bit different from just having a simple, common chest cold.  It means that you’ll have a chronic cough that never goes away.  It’s not one that you can simply medicate through a pharmaceutical or over the counter pill.  Nope, this is something that is long term and very bothersome.  You won’t see the nasty bacteria and yellow mucus that emits when you are sick.  Instead, you’ll bring up simple phlegm every single time you hack.  It can be yellow, or even green.  This cough is quite nasty in the mornings.

Why Does Smoker’s Cough Happen?

This happens because your lungs have tiny hair-like features called cilia.  What these do is help to move toxins all about your lungs to help protect them.  However, smoking cigarettes can paralyze the cilia and make them unable to do carry out their jobs.  In this case, the cilia settles into your lungs, and in turn makes an inflamed reaction.  Therefore, your body must act up twice as hard to get rid of the toxins from your system.  When your body coughs, this is it’s attempt to get rid of all the toxins from smoke.

7 Steps to Curing Smoker’s Cough

If you smoke, then you probably will develop this nasty cough. It’s natural and happens to smokers.  This is nothing more than a sign that your body is attempting to deal with what you are doing to it and attempting to take care of itself.  When the human body tries to repair itself, it’s a natural thing.  The body does this naturally and there is nothing you can do to fight it.  Don’t try to use any medications as you are simply overthinking it and those are meant for sick people.

Entirely stopping smoking is really the only way you can stop this habit.  But, rest assured, we’ve compiled a guide for everyone to follow so you can help soothe your body from the nasty side effect that is smoker’s cough.  Here are 7 things you can do to help yourself in this situation.

  • Drink plenty of H20.  You should be doing this anyways, but in case you aren’t, just trust us that this is a big thing that will help you out.  Six to eight cups per day will thin out the mucus in your lungs.
  • Drink and gargle warm salt water.
  • Put honey in your tea and drink as much as you can.
  • Use throat lozenges.
  • Use eucalyptus vapor.  This can be via a steam room in your health club or if you don’t have that option, just put the leaves in boiling water.  You can also buy a humidifier and use eucalyptus based liquids.  Minty vapor helps you breathe better.
  • Elevate your head when you rest and sleep.  Use a pillow or two when you sleep to elevate your head and minimize drainage of mucus into your throat.
  • Eat many fruits and vegetables.  You should be doing this anyways.

Of course, you won’t have to worry about smoker’s cough if you use one of these.  Or even one of these.