V2 Cigs Dragonberry

V2 Cigs has some phenomenal, unforgettable flavors in its line up but the Zig-Zag range in particular has become known for its innovational take on standard flavors and the themes they all come with. V2 Dragonberry is one flavor which is unforgettable and one of the most popular out of all the V2 Flavors.

Like some of the other Zig-Zag flavors it comes in only nicotine concentration which is 1.8%. Although this may be enough for most of us, it can be slightly less satisfying for new users or people who are used to having a lot of nicotine blended into their e-liquids. This particular electronic cigarette brand is a premium one so you can be assured of the quality at least as they only use top of the line vegetable glycerin and other industrial grade chemicals.

V2 Cigs Dragonberry Flavor Profile

The taste is just as yummy and magical as the name. Instantly, you are overtaken by the deliciousness of dragonberry tart. This is topped off by notes of plain, fresh and ripe berries.

The flavor is a cross between the cooked sweetness of the tart and the ripe freshness of the berries. You can feel the difference between these two components as they blend seamlessly into each other to create a wiff of vapor which is strong and yet subtle at the same time.

Like a few of the other flavors from V2, this one also has a festive feeling about it and you feel like you are having pie at Christmas. The taste never become uncomfortable or unbearable as it seems to melt into your throat and disappear quickly afterwards.

Like certain other e-liquids it does not leave an aftertaste and the richness of the tart seems balanced well enough so that you don’t feel yourself getting tired of the vapor. It is very different from the dessert options one usually gets with ecig brands.

The effect (more than anything else) is very realistic which is why it may be good for users who are having a hard time finding e-liquids to suit their particular sort of palette. Dragonberry is a subtle experience which is sure to be liked by everyone regardless of their personal preferences.

Dragonberry has a childish fantasy surrounding it which makes it an ideal escape from mundane everyday life which is really what vaping is all about. It further enhances the spirit of relaxation and unwinding that occurs when you take out your ecig for a vaping session.

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