12-Flavor Sampler (10 ML)

What can be more convenient than purchasing a package of 12-flavor samplers? This is absolutely one of the best flavors that are offered by V2, they twelve flavor samler 10 mlnot only taste good but are also long lasting as they are made up of the highest quality products. Now you can taste almost the entire menu with these 12 standard flavors which offers you the ability to find the one that satisfies you. These flavors are delicious by themselves as well as great when combines with other flavors. With the help of the package, you don’t have to order the V2 e-liquid bottle again and again, as these can be enjoyed for a longer period of time.

The V2 Pro and the V2 platinum e-liquids can be enjoyed together for the most enjoyable vaping experience. Each and every flavor of the V2 12-flavor sampler is very appetizing and you will surely get hooked. These different and delicious flavors can be enjoyed with friends and family at any occasion. This 12 –piece sampler e-liquid includes one 10 ML bottle for each flavor, the flavors include rich tobacco, cool menthol and specialty flavor that is sweet. V2 platinum e-liquids are available in a wide variety of flavors that are delicately crafted together.

The 12 piece V2 platinum e-liquid flavor sampler offers the most delicious and strong tobacco flavors of Sahara, V2 Red, Congress and the refreshing flavor of menthol, peppermint and green tea menthol and also comes with the sweet fulfillment of Vanilla, grape, cherry, V2 cola, chocolate, vanilla and coffee. These all flavors are available with full nicotine strengths and you can choose according to your preference. Each flavor has its own unique tastes that are distinct from every other flavor. This package is definitely worth a try.

When you choose your favorite flavor, you can choose what size you will want here next.