Cherry Flavor Cartridge

Fruit- based e-liquids are supposed to be juicy, fresh and just the right level of sweet. This is precisely what you get with premium V2 e-liquids which have been engineered to replicate the exact taste of the fruit as it can be expected to be. V2 Cherry delivers in this regard and has a juicy feel to it which can make you jump for joy.  You’ll find that many e cig brands offer cherry flavors, and today I’m offering up my V2 Cigs cherry flavor review.

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There is no sourness or bitter undertones (which happens sometimes with cheaper e-juices) when you are vaping the V2 Cherry. It is all sweet but not in a disgusting way. Your tongue will never feel used to the flavor and you won’t need to stop vaping it because of this reason. V2 Cigs is going for a very specific theme here and to enhance that thought the flavor comes in a bright, sparkly red.

The Theme

The bottles, cartridges and all the outer packaging is in the same color to enhance the same theme of summer red and romance. The other underlying theme in the flavor is wine and sophistication. You also get the small farm feel which is associated with new, fresh produce. The taste of this e-liquid reflects all of these and if you have ever had fresh fruit from the farmer’s shop, you will recognize the same feeling here.

V2 Cigs Cherry – Why It’s Popular

Like many other fruit flavors which end up dulled out or artificially sweet in e-juices, V2 Cherry retains its potency and freshness. You can purchase the flavor in different size bottles as well as store it for long term use. Due to its relatively easy and wide availability, you won’t need to stock it in bulk but for regular use that is advisable.


The flavor changes as you change the nicotine concentration. For a light tinge you can start with the low setting of 0.6% moving up to 1.2%. The highest strength that V2 offers is 2.4%. Of course there are brands that sell higher concentrations than this. If you were a heavy smoker before or just prefer a higher hit of nicotine, you may want to switch to another brand.

For people who are looking to make a significant lifestyle change and cut nicotine out of their lives, they can enjoy the cherry flavor as it is. It makes a good vape for when you aren’t looking for anything specific and it is enjoyable for most vapers including those that are difficult to please.

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