Deep Purple Battery

The Vapor Couture Deep Purple Battery is what you need if you want to smoke electronic cigarettes and purple is your favorite color. Deep Purple is Deep-Purple-Batteryjust one of the four distinct and elegant designs that are available in Vapor Couture batteries, with the rest being ‘Brushed Platinum’, ‘Rose Gold’, and ‘White Signature.’

If you have a lot of purple in your wardrobe, getting the Deep Purple battery is the way to go, as you can then match it with what you wear to look stylish and fashionable even when you smoke. The Vapor Couture batteries are extremely slim and very light-weight, while the crystal tips of all the batteries glow with each puff that you take. You can also match or contrast the color of the Vapor Couture Battery with the Vapor Couture flavor cartridge that you get, depending on your style preferences.

The Vapor Couture electronic cigarette is a two-piece design consisting of the battery and the flavor cartridge, so all you need to do is connect the flavor cartridge of your choice to your Vapor Couture Deep Purple Battery and you can smoke away. These batteries are also rechargeable but to charge them you need a Charging Kit, and a battery when fully charged lasts for about three to six hours before it needs to be charged again. All you need to do is take a puff and the Vapor Couture batteries start working automatically so you don’t even need to do anything to turn it on.

Another great feature of the Vapor Couture battery is that once you have used it and it needs to be recharged, the crystal tip at the end of the battery starts blinking to let you know that the battery has run out of charge, and it takes about one hour for the battery to get fully charged. The length of the Vapor Couture battery is about 85.85 mm and its diameter is 8 mm. You can now buy the Vapor Couture Deep Purple Battery for a discounted price of just $15.96, which is a great bargain.

More of the gold tones in a battery are on display in this next piece.