Disposables 10-Pack

The Vapor Couture Disposables (10-Pack) is the package that all women who smoke electronic cigarettes should get if they want to get straight to 10 pack disposablessmoking and not worry about keeping their battery charged and what piece to connect where for the electronic cigarette to work. The Vapor Couture Disposables (10-Pack) is available for just $79.95 and in this package you get 10 Vapor Couture Disposable electronic cigarettes that are ready to smoke right out of the package.

You can choose from between three great and distinct flavors for your disposables, depending on your preference, while all of the Vapor Couture Disposable e-cigarettes come in a nicotine strength level of 1.2%. The Disposables also come in different designs depending on the flavor you choose, which you can match with your wardrobe or just choose the color that you like the most in general. They are:

• A sensuous Arctic blast of minty flavor with the ‘Arctic Mint’ flavor, available in a ‘Brushed Platinum’ design, with a pink crystal tip.
• A tremendously rich and satisfying ‘American Tobacco’ flavor, available in a ‘Deep Purple’ design, with a clear crystal tip.
• A taste of the tropics with the bold and fruity ‘Passion Fruit’ flavor, available in a ‘Rose Gold’ design, with a clear crystal tip.

The Vapor Couture Disposable e-cigarette is a one-piece design that combines the battery, atomizer, and flavor cartridge all into a single stylish and affordable piece. You can take about 250 puffs of a Vapor Couture Disposable before it runs out and needs to be disposed of. An LED light is also present beneath the sparkling crystal tip of the Disposable e-cigarette which glows each time you take a puff.

The Vapor Couture Disposables (10-Pack) are a great acquisition because you can take them anywhere with you without having to worry about how you will charge them if the charging runs out or having to worry about losing one of them as even if you lose one of your disposable cigarettes, you have 9 others to smoke.

Now is the time to examine your preference in flavor and what pack size works best for you.