Disposables 5-Pack

The Vapor Couture Disposables (5-Pack) is what you need if you want to be able to smoke whenever you want without having to worry about having to 5 pack disposablesrecharge the electronic cigarette’s battery or replacing the flavor cartridge when it runs out. All you have to do is put the disposable electronic cigarette in your mouth and smoke away.

The Vapor Couture Disposable electronic cigarette is a one-piece design and is extremely slim and lightweight, making it perfect for women smokers who just want to smoke without getting into any kind of hassle. A Vapor Couture Disposable electronic cigarette combines the flavor cartridge, battery, and atomizer into one single piece so you don’t have to worry about attaching one thing to another or breaking it.

One VC Disposable can give up to 250 puffs before it runs out and needs to be disposed of. You can also choose from three different colors and flavors so that you have a choice between what flavor you smoke and the design of the electronic cigarette, which you can match with your wardrobe to look even more fashionable. The three flavors and designs available are:

• Arctic Mint flavor in a Brushed Platinum design
• Rodeo Drive flavor in a Deep Purple design
• Passion Fruit flavor in a Rose Gold design

All of the three flavors are only available in a 1.2% nicotine strength for the Vapor Couture Disposable, and an LED light underneath the sparkling crystal tip of the electronic cigarette glows each time you take a puff of your disposable e-cigarette.

The fact that you can just take the Vapor Couture Disposable directly out of its packing and it is ready to smoke makes it the perfect gift and even the perfect travel companion so you don’t have to worry about where to keep a charger for your battery or if you lose one of the parts of the electronic cigarette.

You can now get a 5-pack of Vapor Couture Disposable’s for a price of just $44.95 so that you can save up and if you are a heavy smoker, you do not have to buy another Disposable right away even if one finishes as you are left with four more.

Double your pleasure with the upgrade to this product.