Entree Kit

The Vapor Couture Entree Kit is a great way for modern women that like to smoke to get acquainted with electronic cigarettes if you are just trying them out for the first time or even if you are already slightly familiar with them. The thing that is great about this Entree Kit is that it contains everything that a person needs to start smoking, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying different things from different places and figuring out what goes where just to begin smoking.entree kit

The great thing about e-cigarettes is that they come in a basic and easy to use two-piece design so you do not have to read a lot of instructions or need to be a pro to be able to use the e-cigarette. You just attach the battery to the flavor cartridge and you are good to go for as long as the flavor cartridge lasts at which point you can just replace the depleted flavor cartridge with a new one. The battery in the e-cigarette is also rechargeable through a USB so if it runs low you can just charge it again and you are good to go. The Entree Kit also includes a disposable e-cigarette which you can just use and throw away without having to care about charging batteries or anything.

The items that are included in the Entree Kit include:

• A Vapor Couture Disposable
• A USB Smart Charger
• A Rechargeable Battery
• Six Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges

The Entree Kit is also extremely sleek and stylish as it comes in different colours and designs depending on the flavor cartridges that you select for your kit, of which you have three different choices. You can either choose the ‘Sweet Passion Fruit’ flavor, which comes in an elegant Rose Gold finish, the ‘Rich Rodeo Drive’ flavor in a stylish Deep Purple finish, or the ‘Cool Arctic Mint’ flavour in a Brushed Platinum finish.

You will get six flavor cartridges of the flavor that you select from these three options, of which one of them will come in a matching Vapor Couture Disposable electronic cigarette which is only for one-time use.

Other than that the Entree Kit also includes a rechargeable battery in a Brushed Platinum finish that can be attached to any of the other five flavor cartridges and used with them. This battery lasts for a considerable amount of time and so is an excellent option for anyone who wants to be able to smoke for long periods without having to recharge. The Kit also includes a USB Smart Charger which can be used to recharge this battery if it runs out by connecting it to any USB port, be it in a computer or anywhere else.

If you want to you can also buy a different flavor cartridge from the one you purchase with the Entree Kit and use it with the rechargeable battery that you already have so if you want to try different flavors then this is a great and affordable idea instead of having to buy individual Vapor Couture Disposable e-cigarettes that can end up costing more in the long run.

The Entree Kit is priced at $39.95 meaning that it is extremely affordable while lasting for a long amount of time as well. All of the items that come with this kit if bought individually will cost a little under $50 and so you are saving over $10 if you decide to buy this kit instead of buying the individual items and then using them together. The e-cigarettes in this kit give almost the same feeling as if you are smoking a real cigarette when you inhale, while it also exhales smoke when you hold it in for a while.

The nicotine strength that is available in this Entree Kit is fixed at 1.2 percent for smokers who are just starting out or those who do not smoke that much. Although this nicotine level is not that strong, you can also buy higher nicotine strength starter kits or individual electronic cigarettes if you wish from the Vapor Couture website.

Now that you have your kit, then you need to make sure you have the proper accessories.