Express Charger

V2 is known for making some of the best and fastest charging ecig chargers out there and the Express charger is no exception. At the extremely express chargeraffordable price of $9.95, you really can’t do any better. The Express charger has been created on the model of the much-acclaimed ‘Smart’ charger which is known for its phenomenal features and this is a smaller more portable version modeled after the same ideal.

The Smart charger is a charger which charges faster than other charger and can claim to charge the battery of an ecig in two hours flat. It also prevents the battery from burning out because it has a mechanism which allows it to shut down automatically if the battery is done charging. The Express charger also has these qualities because it is a mini version of the same thing.

The charger can fit inside any USB port or any other power socket so it is remarkably easy to use. You can even use it on the go with the USB cable and the car adapter which allow you to use the device on a desktop or even in the car. It has all the benefits of the popular Smart charger design without the bulk of the original design. This charger is a size which you can carry virtually anywhere at all.

The Express charger has the unique ability to check the progress of your battery at every interval. This is truly a ‘smart’ charger because it has the intelligence of an internal chip which operates it. With most standard V2 batteries you can check the progress of charge anyway because the battery begins to blink when it is low and stops blinking once you have plugged in the charger. In this case the battery begins to glow blue once you have reached a full charge.

The charger itself is wonderfully small and black in color and is not available in any other color. It has the USB port in front and a neon V2 logo on it which really makes it stand out in a good way so you will feel like you want to take it out in public.

Integrate your iPhone and ecig into the same case with this clever product.