Green Tea Flavor

Did you know that green tea originated in China? However, now it has become associated with many cultures throughout Asia. Getting to the biggest benefit of green tea that has actually uplifted its sales all over the world is the catechin. Catechins are antioxidants that fight and may even prevent cell damage. Since green tea is not processed much before its poured in your cup, so it’s awfully rich in catechins. The healthiest drink that’s paving its way across the globe!

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V2 Green Tea Review

How about adding a few mint leaves to the green tea you just made? Doesn’t it sound good and completely refreshing? I always add a few mint leaves to my green tea it just soothes all my senses and helps me concentrate better.  By the way, V2 is the only e cigarette brand name that I’ve seen making a Green Tea flavor.

So, with the good characteristics of green tea and mint combined V2 has this awesome flavor called Green Tea Menthol. I ordered my Standard Kit and since I am a huge fan of mint and every flavor that has some mint in it, I thought of trying Green Tea Menthol, Menthol and Peppermint flavors from V2 for a review.

This flavor is totally unique; it’s bursting with refreshing mint in combination with the smooth, soothing properties of green tea. It’s very famous among menthol smokers, they absolutely love it and so will you.

When I tasted it I remembered the green tea I used to drink when I would go visit my grandmother. She would always serve it after lunch or dinner. She would say it helps digest the food quickly. I don’t remember it easing the digestion but I surely remember the wonderful and refreshing taste that would linger in my mouth. Some really good memories, that was the first time I had green tea and mint together and since then whenever I feel like drinking something I prefer grandmom’s green tea mint.

Since I have had some really fond memories to it I had another reason to love the flavor. Just when you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to get up and make tea for yourself and easy way is to pull out V2’s green tea menthol flavored cartridge, insert it in and take the puff. Feels good right? Yeah I know I always do it, it gets me back on the ground and I am able to work for a longer time, it even freshens me up after a long a rough day!

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