International Wall Adapter

It is often troublesome when you travel to another country and you cannot fight the right socket in which to insert your ecig charger. This is where the international wall adapter comes in because it helps you to adapt regardless of which country you are in and it also makes your life a hundred times international wall adaptereasier.

The first reason why such an adapter makes your life easier is because you don’t always need to wait around for your laptop to be charged so that you can charge your ecig through it when you are in the process of traveling or when you are in a hotel room. Furthermore, this adapter gives you a great deal of freedom to be able to charge anywhere in European countries.

It is compatible with all the V2 starter kits and the ecig models inside them so if you are a frequent international traveler, simply buy one of these and you will be able to use it with all the ecig models you possess and any starter kit you own. Having one lying around the house can come in handy at the right time.

Furthermore what is great about V2 and their customer oriented approach is that you don’t even need to separately order this item if you are one of those people that order from an American brand only to have it shipped to the United Kingdom or to a European country. In that case you will get this charger with any starter kit you have for very little or no extra cost. V2 really cares about its customers and does exactly what suits them.

The power adapter itself is very simply designed with a plain black exterior and it is very small in size which is a major benefit because it is precisely this which makes it great for international travel. It can fit anywhere and it is very chic with no shiny logo or cheap colors which will stand out a lot. It looks like any other charger and will not attract a lot of attention especially if discretion is something you crave.

If your on the go includes a car, then this next kit choice is for you.