iPhone Case

People that own iPhones tend to be inseparable from them and vapors tend to be inseparable from their ecigs so V2 has come up with a case which iphone caselets you combine both habits and carry them around with you with the utmost of convenience and poise. There are even slots and sleeves for credit cards and other important slips of information so the V2 iPhone case is really a handy thing to buy.

The case has been made very differently from standard cases which you find out there because it fits your credit cards and other cards and it also fits your ecig along with your iPhone. It has been made specifically for either the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 5. The case itself is wonderfully strong and durable so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or not being able to take the pressure of carrying all these items.

Furthermore, it provides optimum protection to your iPhone keeping it immune from scratches and it does the same for your ecig as well making this the best case around. The only flaw in the design is that the top is exposed and that means your phone can still get scratches from there if it is dropped etc. The case also provides virtually no protection from dust and moisture which is another drawback.

One of the benefits of using the case are that the phone does not become heavy as even though the case is made from strong plastic it is still very light in weight. This means you can carry it wherever you want and it adds no extra weight to your purse or bag if you put it in that.

The functionality of the iPhone is also not affected in the least even though an ecig is attached to it and you can still use your phone as before if not better than before.

The case can also carry the battery of the ecig and it can carry the largest in the V2 range which is quite something given that this is a phone case and not even a proper carry case.

For a proper carrying case that holds up to abuse, then read on.