Men’s Asphalt T-Shirt

This is a variation of the black T-shirt that is available from V2 under the same name. For the modest price of $19.95, this is a great shirt to own which mens asphalt t shirtcan be worn at any time without a sense of occasion and it fits in well for a number of casual events. If you are an ardent fan of the V2 brand, you will enjoy the shirt all the more.

The shirt has been made from 100% cotton and jersey which means it is superbly comfortable and soft and is perfect for all the seasons regardless of where you are wearing it. The shirt can also be worn in winters provided something warm is worn on top. The shirt is for all intents and purposes very versatile and it must be used as so. It can be an item in your closet that you are never afraid to reach out to because it looks great and fits any occasion.

The reason why it looks great is because it has a wonderfully tailored fit and it has contoured edges which make just about everyone look good in it. The shirt comes in many sizes and you can choose according to what suits you and there is a customer service representative as well that you can call if you have any confusion about size and fitting.

The cotton is of the ring spun variety so it is very good quality and you will have no complaints about wear and tear even if you wear the shirt a lot. A lot of vapors have reported this shirt as having become one of their favorites after they bought it because of its comfort and style. It is also very durable for a t-shirt which one would not expect in this price range.

The sleeves are hemmed and the overall stitching is immaculate which gives the shirt a very neat and desirable appearance. There are vapor trails as a pattern all over the front and then a big V2 logo as well so there is a lot of brand marketing being done by way of the design.

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