When talking about refreshing drinks, Mojito comes on the top of the list. The citrus flavor of lime and mint mixture helps rejuvenate the energy like nothing else. Although our industry of e-cigs is loaded with mint flavors in the market, giving it a new shape of flavor is what made V2 different from others. V2 has launched their limited edition flavors that include four awesome flavors like:

  • Strawberry Desire
  • Mojito
  • Sambuca
  • Pina Colada

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V2 Mojito Review

However, my most favorite flavor is Mojito. The all new Mojito, lemon and lime flavor that V2 has launched, the cigarette provides a marvelous replica of the core ingredients of this fizzy and popular delicacy.

Being the member of a long line of Cuban businessmen that have settled in the USA, I consider Mojito to be somewhat a part of my cultural heritage. The V2 Mojito, though not so common in my home, has become an instant sensation in the U.S. You see it being served on so many beaches all over the U.S.

When I purchased my Beginner’s Kit I had ordered two flavors from the limited edition that V2 electronic cigarette brand had announced. I ordered 2 flavors of cartridges with the kit, one was Strawberry Desire and the second was Mojito. Both were equally delicious flavors, since both belonged to a different category each one had its own place. Though I liked Mojito the most, this deliciously crafted flavor truly represents the taste of Miami. Trust me when you have smoked it, you’ll be ready to dance the night away with the sweet sparkling flavors of mint and lime. You can enjoy the summer drink in the form of an e-cigarette while relaxing at home, lying on the sofa or you can share it with a bunch of friends and you all can enjoy the Mojito flavor when you all get together on a weekend.

Whenever all of my friends gather somewhere we share the new flavored cartridges with each other that every one of us has tried. But Mojito is everyone’s all time favorite that’s the only one nobody’s actually willing to share.

V2 is widely known for its awesome flavors and extremely good quality e-cigs. Besides that they have a wonderful customer’s service. They are very co-operative, immediately respond to complaints and help if needed by a customer. For me V2 is one of the top brands of e-cigs in the industry and definitely staying with them for a longer period of time.