Passeport Kit

For the women who want to smoke electronic cigarettes but are constantly on the move, the Vapor Couture Passeport Kit is a must-have item because it has everything they need to be able to satisfy their need to smoke no matter what situation they are in. The Vapor Couture Passeport Kit includes more than just the traditional things you need for an electronic cigarette to work. It also includes many accessories that you will love having if you want to look stylish and elegant even while you smoke and who wouldn’t want that?passeport-kit

The Passeport Kit includes:

• 1 Vapor Couture Portable Charging Case
• 2 Vapor Couture Batteries
• 1 Vapor Couture Car Adapter
• 1 Charging Kit
• 1 User Manual
• 1 Stainless Steel Fluted Charm Necklace
• 2 5-Packs of Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges

So other than just the basic things that you need for an electronic cigarette, you get some nifty accessories that you can use and flaunt whenever you want. With the Passeport Kit you can go an a day-trip or even a long vacation and you don’t need to worry about anything other than what flavor you want to smoke. The Passeport Kit includes a pair of batteries so that you never have to wait if you want to smoke as you can just use the other battery when one of them runs out of charging and put the depleted one on charging using the Car Adapter that comes with the kit, or even with the Portable Charging Case if you are on the move somewhere without access to a car.

The Portable Charging Case can hold an extra battery and 2 Flavor Cartridges as well so you don’t need to carry anything other than your Portable Charging Case if you want to travel light and are going somewhere for a short time. Other than this you can just put the battery on charging with the Charging Kit if you are in your room. The other accessory that is included with the Passeport Kit is the Stainless Steel Fluted Charm Necklace that is a great looking fashion accessory and it can also hold your e-cigarette in your neck or waist, while it can even be turned into a cool bracelet as well.

The User Manual you get with the kit explains to you how you should use everything so that you don’t misuse anything and cause it to malfunction, so all the items in the Passeport Kit can be used easily by anyone without any prior knowledge of operating electronic cigarettes or any of the accessories.

Other than this, the Passeport Kit allows you to look elegant and stylish when you smoke as the batteries and flavor cartridges that you get can be of matching design if you want or they can even contrast as well, depending on what you choose. You can choose from four different designs for the battery, which include Brushed Platinum, White Signature, Rose Gold, and Deep Purple. All of these look great when paired with the same design on the flavor cartridges, in which you get all four of these designs and you can choose a different design for each of the two batteries and each of the two 5-packs of flavor cartridges.

You can also choose between four different nicotine strengths for the flavor cartridges that you put in the electronic cigarette. Depending on whether you are a serious smoker or someone who just likes the flavor, you can choose from the 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, or 0% nicotine strength levels in any of the flavors that you choose. The flavor cartridges also themselves come in six different flavors, which are ‘Fresh Mint’, ‘Arctic Mint’, ‘Passion Fruit’, ‘Strawberry Champagne’, ‘Rodeo Drive’, and ‘Bombshell’. Each of these flavors has a distinct taste and you can choose two out of these six flavors when you get the Passeport Kit as it include 5-packs of the two flavors that you choose.

The Passeport Kit also costs just $149.95, which is a steal when you consider the amount that you would have to pay if you buy all the items individually, as that would come up to $201.10. So if you want to save over $50 and want a travelling e-cigarette kit, the Passeport Kit is a great choice.

If is all too confusing in the beginning, then what you need is a basic kit.