Standard Plus Kit

V2 has some of the best starter kit options around because they are designed bearing in mind what the customer needs and can afford. The Standard Plus kit as the name suggests is a step up from the regular standard kit and it performs just as well except you can expect to have a bit more fun and a few more features.standard plus kit

Firstly you get everything that you would have gotten in the standard kit such as two batteries, a smart charger and a manual along with a wall adapter and a vaporizer but you also get a charging case in this which is chic and fully portable. The charging case keeps your vaporizer and related accessories protected especially when you are traveling or moving around a lot and it works wonders for people who vape a lot and are continually short on time for charging.

You get the standard smart charger with this which really is the most wondrous contraption because it keeps your device from burning out due to overcharging and it also charges faster than any of the other chargers from other brands. It can be safely housed inside your kit for traveling. The charger also comes with an internal chip which speeds charging up tenfold.

The website on the official V2 page enables you to see how much you are saving as there are savings to be had with practically every purchase of a starter kit depending on which coupon codes you have and they regularly offer discounts as well. There are a wide range of flavors to choose from and the tobacco ones are particular favorites such as Congress which is refined tobacco and V2 red which is American red tobacco and Sahara which is Turkish tobacco. Apart from the tobacco flavors there are many like vanilla and chocolate which are equally delightful.

The vaporizer which you get with this standard plus kit is the easiest thing in the world to use since it is a two part design with a battery and a cartridge which houses the flavor. All you need to do is screw on the two together and you are ready to go. You are recommended to give a few deep starting puffs to the device so that it can power on properly and create powerful thick vapor which is a result of the atomizer burning the flavor in the cartridge.

You can expect the cartridge to last anywhere from 170 to 250 puffs before it absolutely requires replacement. Thankfully in the starter kit you get about 10 flavor cartridges which will keep you going for a long time even if you are a chain vapor and will also give you a fair selection of flavors to keep trying as one finishes. You will realize that the cartridge has finished when it starts to give off both a burnt taste and a burnt smell and then you will know it is time to change it.

The good news is that the battery only takes a couple of hours to be charged fully with the smart charger so it really is the most brilliant device. The charging case is another truly wonderful part of this case because it works rather like an electrical outlet and it works wonders if you are going to be traveling and won’t have time to plug your ecig into a power socket. The case can charge your device to full up to four times before needing to be charged itself.

You can buy the case in grey or white depending on what you are in the mood for. Priming the e-cigarette is very important before you start is very important because this will determine the kind of vaping experience you have overall. Make sure that the atomizer which is the heating element in the ecig is working properly because if there is a flaw then the flavor may not be converted to vapor properly.

It is essential to strike your own balance with the blends when you are using e-cigarettes. You must choose the nicotine strength which suits you personally and there is also an option to customize the flavors which are on offer with V2. This gives you countless options for personalization.

If you are looking for a top of the line kit, you definitely need to examine our next article.