Ultimate Kit- EX Series

If you are dying to try out the Ex range and expand your realm of experience outwards then this Ultimate kit is as the name suggests the ultimate experience as far as V2 ecigs are concerned. You get all the accessories which will help you to keep your ecig charged as well as super accessible. You can change up the nicotine strengths and flavors and there are also three different patterns to choose for the EX batteries.ultimate kit ex series
The kit contains:-

• 3 EX batteries (color and design of your choice)

• 25 flavor cartridges

• Wall adapter

• Smart charger

• Car adapter

• Charging case (XL size)

• One Power cig

• Metal carry case (which is super handy and convenient)

• Lanyard (color of your choice)

• User manual

It does help to remember that there is no special EX version of the Power cig. This is the classic, traditional version and is one of the best that V2 offers. You can choose your two flavors which will be incorporated into the cartridges and there is quite the range to choose from. V2 cola and the peppermint and menthol flavors are particular favorites amongst vapers as are the three tobacco related flavors that the brand offers.

It is important to get the blend just right when you are choosing your flavors as you want to choose a nicotine strength which goes with the flavor and does not seem to overpower it in any way. With some flavors, it is best to vape without any nicotine at all and indeed some vapers actually prefer their blends like that. If you are having difficulty deciding which flavors you need to opt for you can always order a sampler pack which will give you a taste of many flavors all at once and also give you the opportunity to choose.

There are many accessories which come bundled in the kit and the 2 amp car adapter is one of the most useful ones that come in it. It works with the smart charger to charge your ecig faster than any regular charger and it also keeps your ecig from short circuiting or burning out. Remember to only charge your ecig when the battery has begun to blink which is an indicator of low battery and is a sign you should plug in your smart charger. The car adapter has been made so that the benefits of the smart charger can be availed even when one is in the car.

The smart charger is one of the best ecig related accessories that you can own not only because it charges so fast but also because it can be used in a range of different situations with all the adapters that it comes with. So regardless of whether you are in the car or at work, you can attach the adapter to the smart charger and charge your ecig quickly. The smart charger also charges within two hours so it is really useful if you find yourself always short on time. It has an internal chip which enables it to do this.

The metal carry case is a very chic case in which you can carry about 2 EX batteries as well as 2 flavor cartridges which also makes it very handy as you can slip it inside your purse or briefcase. The case is also very durable so that even if you drop it, it will protect the elements inside which is what the metal is for essentially. You can buy the case in grey or white depending on what you feel in the mood for.

The large charging case which comes in this kit enables you to charge your ecig three or four times before you need to plug it in to replenish it. However the brand claims it can even charge your ecig a few more times than that before needing charging. You can carry up to 3 flavor cartridges inside and when it is not being used for charging it doubles as a great carrying case.

The lanyard lets you keep the ecig at hand always and also lets you keep the ecig secure around your neck where it won’t scratch against other surfaces.

If this is too much kit or the price is making you waiver, then you can get most of the same equipment with this different kit.