VC 6-Flavor Sampler

The Vapor Couture VC 6-Flavor Sampler is a great option for women who are just acquainted with their Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes as it gives vc 6 flavor sampleryou the opportunity to taste each and every flavor that is available in the entire Vapor Couture menu, for a price of just $14.95.

A Vapor Couture electronic cigarette is a two-piece design consisting of the battery and the flavor cartridge, and if you have just purchased a battery and don’t know which flavor it is that you want to get, the VC 6-Flavor Sampler is what you need. This way you can try all of the six different flavors available and decide which one suits you the most and then get a 5, 20, or even 40-pack of that specific flavor. The flavors available are:

• Strawberry Champagne: A fruity flavor that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
• Bombshell: A Turkish tobacco blend that is delightful in its own way.
• Passion Fruit: A hint of exotic Passion Fruit in this tropical and sweet flavor.
• Rodeo Drive: A Virginia tobacco blend that is a definite classic.
• Arctic Mint: A minty flavor that gives you a sensuous Arctic blast.
• Fresh Mint: A flavor that combines mint with a refreshing combination of menthol.

The VC 6-Flavor Sampler can be purchased in four different nicotine strengths, which are 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, and 1.8%. So you can choose the nicotine strength that you want and get all six flavors in the nicotine strength of your preference.

You can also choose from four different designs to match your Vapor Couture Battery, which is also available in these four designs. These designs are Rose Gold, White Signature, Deep Purple, and Brushed Platinum, and you can choose the one you feel fits your wardrobe best. The VC 6-Flavor Sampler is great for women who are just getting to know electronic cigarettes, and can also be a great gift as well, coupled with a Vapor Couture Battery.