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VaporFi Coupons are truly an incredible brand and one of the best brands out on the market today, and the truth is it doesn’t seem like that is going to change at all. They cover every type of offering in the electronic cigarette world, and have the most well-made and elementary e- cigarettes as well as some of the top mods and RDAs on the market today. No matter what level of vaping you have achieved, just know that you’re getting an excellent product from VaporFi. Let’s take a look at the company in greater detail.  Make sure you scroll down to find valuable VaporFi coupons which will save you money on EVERY order at


New Product Alert!  The VaporFI Stratus is the HOTTEST dry herb vape pen money can buy today.  Check out the specs on this brand new device.

Vaporfi Stratus
Pictured is the Stratus, the newest dry herb vape pen on the market.

This device preheats within a minute, has a chipset with an OLED screen and ranges from 350-430 Fahrenheit, it also has 6 vent slots to keep it cool to the touch. It’s small, lightweight and discreet.

90 Day Warranty

30 Day cash back guarantee

Retail: $129.99

What’s Included:

  • 2200 mAh Rechargeable Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Wall Charging Adapter
  • 1 Packing Tool
  • 3 Silicone Mouthpiece Covers
  • 1 User Manual


  • Battery Capacity: 2200 mAh li-polymer battery \ 4V
  • Colors Available: Black or Red
  • Temperature range of 350°F – 430°F
  • Lightweight (weighs 2.6oz)
  • USB Wall Charger Adapter Input: 100-240V, Output: 5v

VaporFi Coupons 2015

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Please pay close attention, because this is going to be an incredibly in-depth review. We also have a number of excellent coupons that will provide a big discount in 2015. We are members of the VIP mailing list for this unbelievable brand. They have an incredible online reach but they also have great reach in the retail space as well due to their physical locations. Their vapetenders are second to none and this is truly a hot commodity.

Custom Vape Builder

One of the most exciting sections of their website is the Custom Vape Builder. This fun, creative and engaging part of the site allows you to custom build your devices, watch it as it gets created and then lets you make a purchase at the end. Vape Builder

This is excellent because it helps you get precisely what you want, and you get to watch the design and all aspects as they are applied. It’s an interactive and fun way to know exactly the accessory that is going to work with each device.

VaporFI Discount Code

You have the opportunity to choose the mouthpiece, tank, battery and all of the other extras that you desire as long as they work with your vaporizer. It’s awesome to be able to customize each step along the way. You even have the opportunity to pick your favorite colors in some instances.

Our favorite part of this feature is that it’s a great way to create some excellent vaporizers, and this is especially true if you do not have a chance to get to one of the physical VaporFi locations.

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Air Starter Kit

The starter kit known as the Air is a solid vaporizer. This one does not have all of the bells and whistles as some of the other models, but it is a stripped down, back to basics approach that provides a solid performance.

Beginning e-cigarette users will find this as the perfect vaporizer. It’s more advanced than some of the starter models so it definitely gives that extra kick. Cigarette smokers looking to switch over to vaporizing will also love this high-performance model as well.

The best thing about the Air vaporizer is its high performance ability and compact style. It can even fit right in the palm of your hand. And the small style means that it can only have a small capacity but remember that this vaporizer definitely has its uses.

This small kit is very affordable at $39.99 and it comes with everything that you’ll need to get going.

Pro Starter Kit

As far as kits go, this is one of the best available on the market today. This fun package provides you everything that you need, and the Pro is definitely one of our all-time favorites.

As far as advanced personal vaporizers are concerned, this is definitely one of the most popular and it will take care of all of your high-powered vaping needs.

We specifically like this device because it works incredibly, and even though it is not as high-powered and as advanced as some of the other high-tech vaporizers on the market, it still provides a solid performance and gets the job done right every time.

You’ll really enjoy using the Pro starter kit because there are many ways to customize it. It’s versatile, has great power and will make your everyday vaping experience quite enjoyable.

Pro Kit in Colors

This kit has all of the bells and whistles of the Pro series but adds the excellent benefit of being able to choose between different colors. It’s the Pro kit with all of its highlights and a rainbow of colors for you to choose from.

VaporFi Pro Pens
Examples of the many color options offered in the Pro Edition.

Platinum Pro Kit

As the name already says it all, this is another version of the Pro kit. But as you can probably tell, the Platinum Pro kit is an advanced version. This kit was designed for those who are very serious about vaping.

VaporFI Discount Codes

This vaporizer is incredibly attractive and has a slick, stainless steel body. It’s appealing to the eyes and very nice to the touch. It has a high capacity Pyrex glass tank and a 2.5 mL platinum Clearomizer tank.

The overall setup is impressive as you are about to learn, and the platinum version has an authentic and modern look that works wonders over long periods of time.

You really will like the solid body and design as well as the high capacity tank. This starter kit is an excellent recommendation for anyone looking for a vape pen that can handle heavy-duty output and serious use every day. Plus it looks fantastic!

Pulse Starter Kit

This attractive looking starter kit has excellent functionality and it really works great. Some look at this vaporizer model as a basic version, but it has an excellent reputation and it performs admirably.

The vaporizer has a puff counter, a digital screen and 650 MAH, so it provides a solid vaping experience and can handle quite a bit of use.

This is an in between model that comes at a good value at $119.99 and delivers two devices, so it’s the perfect kit for somebody looking for more than one vaporizer.

Some say that this model is more than a beginner can handle, but they also say that it is not enough for the experienced vaper. So take that as you will.

This cool looking starter kit is great because it has a clever, modern standup charger. This will allow you to display it as it charges and this is a cool feature that many people really seem to enjoy.

Rocket Starter Kit

The Rocket starter kit is finally taking us out of the range of basic starters. This is a powerful device that will never let you down, and this model gets five stars no matter where you are by everybody that has used it.

The overall design is perfect, and it delivers huge clouds of vapor and it produces an excellent flavor. But the best perk of all is that this vaporizer is so simple to use.

We’ve had an excellent experience with this vaporizer and found it to be very powerful. So you can just tell that you will get exceptional performance. Plus the rocket tank that is available in the kit is also very powerful, and it has a dual coil set up with airflow control which makes the vapor action off the charts.

This is just an impressive device that we know you are going to love. And you can fine-tune it so that it does exactly what you want it to do.

The settings may be a bit tricky or confusing at first, but once you get to know the device you’re really going to love it. And it’s quite affordable at $119.99 for the starter kit.

Rebel Starter Kit

This excellent vaporizer is timeless, and for those who have used and experienced it they always say that they love the Rebel. The device is well-built, and you’ll be very pleased if you happen to want quality from your vaporizing devices.

At first, this might seem like an intimidating vaporizer for some users, and this is especially true if you are relatively new to vaping. The controls might seem intimidating in the very beginning, but it will take a little bit of time to get used to the digital settings. All you have to do is initially follow the directions and then you’ll learn how to use the Rebel in no time at all.

For hands-on users, this vaporizer is a dream. It is definitely designed with the expert in mind, so if you plan on doing some heavy duty vaping then this is the device for you.

Rebel II Starter Kit

The Rebel II takes the original starter kit and brings it to the next level. It takes all of the awesomeness of the Rebel and then improves it and upgrades it.

Are you the kind of person that hates to mess around with settings? Are you lazy with your vaping? Then you may not want to try the Rebel II. But for everyone else and especially those that are interested in totally customizing their experience, this beast is going to be the perfect vaporizer to try.

Remember, you have to like toying around with settings and getting things just perfect based on your own preferences. This device is made for you if you are interested in creating the perfect settings to meet your needs.

It’s a high-quality device and since it’s from VaporFi there should be no question at all that this is an amazing product. It has top-tier vapor production and will always provide a pleasurable experience. Just remember that this bad ass starter kit is not for everyone.

Vox II Starter Kit

As far as starter kits are concerned, the Vox II is the pinnacle that the industry has to offer. We are saying this very sincerely because we know that this machine was built to outdo all of the rest, and it has high quality and the best performance that we have ever seen. No one has created a device that can even compare to this.

The design is very light and sleek, and you will notice this immediately. But you’re also going to like it because it has a great style and it is a good-looking vaporizer so you’ll really appreciate that as well.

But as far as performance is concerned, they have taken this to another level. It is impressive to use this device because of the fantastic performance.

One of the biggest things that we noticed is the superior battery performance. It’s great because the battery is such high quality that it’s not going to die out quickly, and this is a major plus because it is a common problem with those that vape heavily. So a high powered device is definitely great for those in need of it.

As far as mods go, the customization options are second to none. Nobody has ever created a vaporizer with so many excellent options. But you must be aware that you will need to have a working knowledge of vaping components in order to put this vaporizer fully to work. Plus, the upgrading capabilities of this device are second to none, so if you plan to upgrade in the future than this is definitely the device that you should buy.

All in all, the Vox II is literally going to blow your mind. You’ll absolutely love it so you should check it out today.

VaporFi Vox 2

VaporFi Box Mod

Orbit Dry Herb Kit

While this might not seem like the typical VaporFi product that you are used to, we did want to mention that they also tapped into the dry herb market. And they did an excellent job and we are incredibly pleased with the high quality vaporizers that they have put out.

And for those looking to use herbs instead of liquids, this is definitely an excellent option to have.

One thing that will immediately grab your attention is the fact that the orbit is very affordable and low in price. When you compare it to similar products on the market, you will see that this is definitely a high quality and affordable option.

It goes without saying that this is a vaporizer that will truly impress you, and the orbit is awesome so you will be very happy once you give it a try.

When compared to other vaporizers, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is absolutely worth it. It’s a simple design that is easy to use and clean, and it’s simple to place the herbs inside. You can heat herbs at a couple of different temperatures and the device will not burn them, which is also an incredible option for herb vaping.

Boom E-Hookah Kit

VaporFi, with the sale of this device, is basically telling us that they are covering all grounds in this market. We have tried many of the best vaporizers, e- cigarettes, the orbit device, the Vox mod and everything else that they have going on, and the e- hookah is just a fantastic device that you will truly love.

The Boom – their version of the e- hookah – is fun to use and creates a surprising capacity of vapor right from the get-go. When you look at it compared to a traditional hookah, you will definitely see that there are certain differences. But it is an intense experience that takes an original hookah and turns it into a modern electronic device that provides excellent flavor.

Here’s a little fun tip as well… They created the bubbling sound that you would normally hear with a regular hookah, and you have the ability to turn it on and off if you desire.

Custom Blending and E Liquid Flavors

More than anything else, VaporFi is known because of all of the incredible liquid flavors that they have to offer. They have an endless supply of single flavors in just about every variety that you can think of, and when you create flavor combinations they literally have more than 30,000 possibilities available. You’re never going to get bored vaping when you do it with VaporFi.

Custom blending is an excellent option that you are certainly going to love. By mixing and matching and combining all of the different flavors, the possibilities are literally endless. And the quality that they deliver is second to none and the ingredients that they use are also of the top variety.

Most importantly, all of the E liquids offered by VaporFi were created with inhalation in mind. They meet all of the highest quality safety standards even though this industry is not regulated. It shows that they truly care about quality and that they only want the best for their customers.

Plus, you always know what you’re getting because the lab has registered all of their formulas with the FDA.

3 Pack Sampler

The company sells individual liquids at $14.99 per bottle, but it is suggested and wise to check out a three pack sampler when starting out. You’ll be able to get three bottles for the low price of $24.99, and you’ll be able to sample different flavors and also save money at the same time.

The sampler is great because you have the option to pick three blends of your choice. You could try the best blends as a place to start, or you can test out some of your own potential favorites. The sky is the limit here.

Artisan E-Liquids

We recommend taking a look at the artisan collection because we know you will enjoy the ultra-premium liquids available.

VaporFi Coupon Codes

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a high-quality vaping experience, then look no further than VaporFi. This company has come up with top-quality designs, fun products, low prices and incredible innovations. They have great customer service and you’ll know that your money is well spent when doing business with VaporFi. We highly recommend checking them out at your earliest convenience.

Did you Know?

The parent company of also owns the brand EverSmoke. It’s a smaller brand that does not offer vaporizers as of yet, but if you are interested in their e cigarette devices, read the Ever Smoke review – you won’t be disappointed.

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