Air Starter Kit

If you have never used or bought an electric vaporizer before then the air starter kit is the perfect start because of its style and level of performance VaporFi Air Starter Kitwhich is delivers. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of beginners who have little experience with vaporizers. The main selling point of this vaporizer is that it allows the user to wield massive battery power in their hand.

VaporFi Air Starter Kit Review

The battery is 350 mAh which may not seem like much but when you are talking about the miniscule size of this thing, it does turn out to be quite a powerful battery for it. The entire vaporizer can fit easily into the palm of your hand which makes it remarkably easy to carry around and travel with. The device is high-powered however and will provide for all your vaping needs appropriately.

This starter kit holds this vaporizer along with all that you need to get you on the road and it is far from basic. In the pack you get a battery of the size mentioned above, an air cartomizer, a mouthpiece, a charging cable, an adaptor and a user manual.

This starter kit was designed for people or vapers with a simplistic approach to vaping. It is for people who want a no-nonsense experience and want a little more than the basics to get them started in the right direction. You do have to keep in mind that the battery of the air is only compatible with this starter kit and not with any other vaporizer.

You cannot multi-use the cartomizer you get with this either as it isn’t compatible with any other starter kit. The e-liquid range is extensive with Vaporfi and you can order to your heart’s delight as there are dozens of liquids to choose from. The bottles are childproof and safe to travel with and store anywhere. You will have to buy the liquids separately however as they are not included in the starter kit price.

The tank capacity is 0.9mls which is not great in terms of vaporizers but when you look in terms of size you really can’t expect any better without at least comprising much of the portability. With a total length of 4.75 inches the model is designed to perfection and is perfect for that chic, portable look which any vaper would be proud to display in a public place.

VaporFi E-Liquid Blend Of The Month Club 528×90

The battery remains the most impressive element of the entire device as it lasts a long time between charges and needs very little upkeep. You get all the chargers and the adaptors for optimal upkeep and to keep you going no matter the situation or whether you are at home or in the office or in a train or airplane.

Furthermore you get one replaceable cartomizer in the pack which is very useful as you may need it within a fortnight of beginning use of the product. How long it lasts depends on how each individual uses the vaporizer and it may last more or less this way.

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