Amaretto Sour

If you enjoy holiday cocktails and after party drinks you are going to love Amaretto Sour. It is a mix of keylime, lemon zest and amaretto sunrise and what a mix it is. It has a sourness and sweetness at the same time and is a nice, light vape for when you aren’t sure of what to go for. amaretto sour e liquid If you don’t know what to go for, by the way, you can always spend some time vaping the Carnival Cotton Candy, which I just posted a review on and am a big fan of.

Amaretto Sour E Liquid

Like some dessert and fruity flavors, this one is not overpowering to say the least. It remains light throughout and if you take longer to be satisfied then this can be a great vape which never lingers too much on the tongue. Its sourness also keeps it from becoming boring and that is one of its most winning aspects.

There is a single shot of every flavor in the cocktail and you can carry it with you in the strong plastic bottles which don’t break or leak and are completely childproof. Not to mention that the highest grade nicotine is used which is made in the United States.

Many cheaper companies import low quality nicotine to make bigger profits but you can expect the best from Vaporfi.

The flavor is rather mild while being tasty at the same time. If you are an experienced vaper and enjoy more of a hit you can opt for a flavor enhancer which you will need to buy separately. You can also opt for a higher nicotine level which will enhance the flavor naturally and make it more intoxicating.

The lime and the amaretto are the two prominent elements in the mix as the lemon is hardly noticeable. This acts against the flavor since lemon can be very likeable and refreshing and for a holiday vape, those two qualities are essential.

The winning point is still that you can vape this anywhere any time because it is universally likeable and feather light on the throat.

On another note, this is is made by the brand, which I feel is the best electronic cigarette maker in the USA.