American Red Tobacco

VaporFi does a great job at providing new and unique tastes but at the same time it doesn’t ignore the classics. An example would be theamerican red tobacco e liquid Red American Tobacco. The most underlying for provide such an old taste in the brand new world of vaping is its popularity, there is most definitely a reason so many of us still prefer the good ol’ cigarette.

American Red Tobacco Review

This E-cigarette refills reminds of the days gone by, when you could smoke anywhere and the only means of transportation were the horses. Feel yourself transported to origin of smoking and a reminiscent past. Take a puff to feel your senses soothe to the feel of the finest grade tobacco or take a drag and feel the satisfaction course through your veins. Whichever you way you prefer it, this blend delivers it.

While some might argue if you’re going for the traditional taste, why choose an e-cigarette? There are more than just one reason for it.

Choosing an E-cigarette, especially one from VaporFi for a classic taste allows for a finer quality and a guaranteed satisfactory taste. It will also allow you to be able to get your desired nicotine content per cartridge, something that the traditional cigarette, no matter which brand it is, fails to offer.

It also allows the customer to choose the intensity of the taste that they might wish to experience. There are two choices available, either the 70PG/30VG blend or the 50PG/50VG blend. The latter of the two provides a stronger taste of the flavor, all the while remaining from the same company. This ensures that once you’re satisfied by VaporFi you do not need to switch if you have a higher craving for a day, or need a stronger taste. You could simply get the stronger blend while ensuring that the company that you choose does indeed deliver.

Another plus point for VaporFi is the fact that they offer a great price to value ratio. Ignoring the initial cost of getting an E-cigarette, the cartridge/refill costs only about 16$ and you’ll find that most of us that have used a cartridge are pretty much happy with its value. In the specific case of American Red tobacco you also have a distinct choice as to how many shots of flavor you want, you can have a maximum of triple shot of this classic flavor. That way no matter which way you prefer your cigarette, VaporFi delivers.

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