Banana Split

This ice-cream parlor delight is a much loved dessert item for decades and only VaporFi could be trusted to recreate it into an e-liquid flavor that is banana split e liquidjust as enjoyable. This sundae is one of the best that Vaporfi has on offer as far as their dessert offerings are concerned and it stands out for a number of reasons.  As a treat to you, you can visit this page to get VaporFi Coupon Codes.

Banana Split E Liquid Review

Firstly the blend is very nicely put together so you don’t get a confusing sort of taste when you are vaping it. The combo is quite specifically ice cream, banana and cherry but you get a whole range of tastes in your mouth as you vape it so it is a rather nice surprise.

The lovely little surprise element is the chocolate which is hidden in there and it emerges as an undertone along with a few other indistinguishable fruits. The result is a finely churned blend which is just as tasty as it is genius.

With repetitive five star ratings the flavor has really emerged as a favorite among lovers of Vaporfi’s flavor range. The flavoring and the attention to detail (all the elements that go into an actual banana split are present) is what sets this blend apart from similar ones from other brands.

Banana as the name suggests is the main ingredient and the strongest element in the taste and at times it can get a little too strong but you can control that with adding only a single dose of it in the blend which you order.

With custom e liquid blends you have a lot of choice and you can mix the Banana Split flavor with other flavors such as with vanilla or strawberry depending on how you want it. There is also a lot of room to experiment with Vaporfi as they are very flexible when it comes to their custom blends. The throat hit is considerable so you never have to worry about not being satisfied when it comes to this flavor.  For this reason, and many others, I consider VaporFi the top vapor company money can buy.

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