Blueberry Cheesecake

There are sometimes a few flavors that just remind one of certain places and in this case the taste is dominantly New York in nature. It is a rich blueberry cheesecake e liquidcreamy cake like flavor and naturally you don’t need to suffer from any of the calories by enjoying it.  Made by this awesome vapor company, you won’t go wrong in checking this out.

Blueberry Cheesecake E Liquid

It is lovely for cravings when you feel you must have cake or something sweet to eat and you don’t need to compromise your weight to do so.

The flavor is distinctly like blueberries which are obviously the major element here and there is an underlying hint of cheesecake which is not as strong. Overall, it is a delight to vape especially if you have a sweet tooth and enjoy sugary treats.

In terms of throat hit, it is good with the blueberries coming through and an aftertaste of faint cakey like texture. It is perfect with lower nicotine strengths because otherwise it can get a bit bitter which is never good. Enjoy it fresh the way it is.

Some people like the taste once it has been left unopened for two weeks or so because that gives it time to really develop the taste more and to create a deeper feel once it is vaped. The vape cloud which is created is never lacking however and the vape production is ample and it does give off a nice smell as well which is not irritating.

It is a brilliant flavor to vape after dinner and also if you are out for a holiday. You can travel with it as the bottles are break-proof and pretty strong in terms of plastic.  As I said over here, this is the best brand and the brand I use.

They are childproof also in case you have children and are travelling with them. You can order in different sizes as well as part of a sample pack depending on what you are in the mood for.

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