Candy Sugar Stix

Vaporfi has some of the best sweet tooth flavors and Candy Sugar Stix is another genius stroke to add to their collection. Its popularity can be candy sugar stix e liquidattributed to it being really reminiscent of people’s childhoods and that is certainly why it is a clear favorite.

Candy Sugar Stix Review

This flavor can be a sugar fix for just about anyone and no one needs to frequent the dentist after enjoying it. It nulls the senses and makes them full of the joy associated with a sugar rush. There are virtually no calories obviously so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

The combo is peach, orange and cotton candy and there are single doses of each although you can increase the dose of one and decrease the other depending on your personal preference and what works for you. The same goes for nicotine strengths and higher ones agree with this flavor more than the lower strengths. Aim for 0.6mg and beyond.

The other plus point is that there is no type of aftertaste which is nothing short of an achievement since the sweeter the taste is the more chances there are of there being a bitter aftertaste. It has more than the plain fruity sweetness which is precisely why it is so special.

If you happen to be on the move a lot you can take the flavor in its childproof, unbreakable bottle without worrying about leaks and spillages. The VaporFi founders have invested money on the packaging much to the appreciation of the customer.

Anyone who used to love pixie stix as a kid will love this flavor and find it nostalgic. Peach is invariably more noticeable than the rest even though the standard flavor has a single dose of each. The sweetness of the peach overrides the citrus taste of the orange making it an overall wonderful combination. The juiciness of the peace also overtakes the dry flavor of the cotton candy.

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