Caribbean Escape

This is a new and common tasting flavor from Vaporfi but it doesn’t fall short of expectation and is one of their best fruity offerings. This flavor is a caribbean escape e liquidgreat mix of mango, pineapple and lemon and it does not disappoint.

Caribbean Escape E Liquid

Many VaporFi customers have different ways of enjoying this little treat by changing up the doses each time depending on what they personally find better tasting. You can add a double dose of island pineapple or double up on mango depending on your personal preferences.

Nicotine strengths is another area where you get a lot of choice in Vaporfi and you can adapt as you like. A lower nicotine strength however undermines the flavor as it is fun and fruity and not very strong to say the least. Opting for a higher nicotine setting will give the flavor more life and make it ultimately more satisfying.

The flavor is very much themed around the tropics so you will get a real vacation summery vibe when you are vaping. The vapor cloud is considerable even though it is light and fun at the same time. the flavor is an ideal for beginners who don’t really know what to expect from vaping and using ecigs and are just finding their footing. This flavor is testament to the fact that vaping can be really fun.

Generally the pineapple appears to be the strongest tone regardless of the fact that the standard flavor bottle has only one dose of it. You can enhance this flavor by putting in more but some vapers might think the overwhelming pineapple is a flaw rather than a plus point.

The flavor comes very well blended so you don’t get that raw fruit taste in your throat but rather a really defined and well crafted feel. This flavor has repeatedly been voted as one of the best fruity flavors around.

What else could we expect from the top e cigarette brand?  Seriously, what will VaporFi come up with next?

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