ChocoMint is well known blend, comprising of humble roots. While the cartridge consists of basically two basic e liquid flavors, namely chocolate andChocoMint e liquid mint, it is quite rare to find a combination of flavor that compliment and go with each other so fluently and brilliantly.

Chocomint Review

Taking a puff, the velvety smooth chocolate, followed by an aftertaste of mint, makes sure that you experience a truly relaxing and uniquely satisfying taste. This makes it great for relaxing at the front porch of your house on a lazy evening, while providing a tasteful, smooth and refreshing experience. In the specific case of the ChocoMint, a double shot of chocolate makes sure that you taste the silky smooth chocolate and relax before a single shot of mint kicks in to add the icing on the proverbial cake. While the chocolate alone has a heavy throat hit, it is immediately counterbalanced by the slightly tingling mild throat hit of the mint.

Couple the creative flavor creating minds at Vaporfi with the kosher grade food ingredients and a dedication to providing the best vaping experience and what more could you ask for? Not only this, Vaporfi also allows you to select your nicotine level, thus making the switch from the traditional cigarette less of a hassle.

Since not everyone is comfortable with making purchases online, but do not be disappointed, VaporFi has stores all over the U.S and have great staff that is readily able to provide help with any queries you have. They are also able to demonstrate different vaping techniques and help you decide if that vaping is the thing for you.

All in all we definitely recommend trying out VaporFi e liquids and vapor products and if you’re a fan of either chocolate or mint then this is flavor that’s meant for you!  It’s definitely the #1 vapor cigarette brand by a country mile.  If you like the idea of chocomint, check out the Choconana!