ChocoNana is a creative twist on the banana split that’s so widely known, and what else could be used to improve a classic? Yup, you guessed it right, Choco-Nana e liquidChocolate.  This is once again made by VaporFi – electronic cigarettes, vapor pens, and e liquids.  It’s my all time favorite electronic cigarette organization for so many reasons.  Today, I’ll continue to get into those reasons in this review of the choconana e liquid flavor.

Choconana Review

This creative twist on the banana split consists of a single shot of Banana Bash, followed by a double shot of Chocolate Delight. The end result is a truly a marvel of perfection and creativity. The tropical feel of flavor complimented by ever favorite flavor of us, that is chocolate, the flavor delivers a vaping experience that makes you long for more and more. It makes you think of a tropical beach, a beach chair and a beautiful sunset. If you think you deserve such an experience you need to try out this combination.

While the single shot of Banana Bash still takes decadence within the taste that is lost in your mouth, the chocolate adds to the aftertaste of the flavor. Add the creaminess of the Banana Bash along with silky smooth and dominant feel of the Chocolate Delight. Not to mention the fact that the sweetness of Banana Bash is taken over by the chocolate ever so slightly it’s quite hard to notice the takeover.

It makes for a smooth vaping experience and a touch of that heavenly feel that makes us thankful for the whole vaping experience. It also makes us wonder as to what else VaporFi could be holding up their sleeves. Not to mention the fact the Flavor choices aren’t really that complex, they are from humble roots and basic flavors but the mixes that are available are ones that are really new and refreshingly simple and amazing.

Not to forget the fact that VaporFi’s price to value ratio is quite fair enough, 16$ for kosher quality refills and premium cartomizers isn’t really that bad and ensure that you’re having the best of vaping experience and no less.

For a similar taste profile, I invite you to check out the Choconut flavor.  It’s chocolate combined with nuts, as you can probably assume.