VaporFi offers E-cigarette refills at a great price to quality ratio. A wide array of flavors that are unique, great and of premium quality only increments Choco-Nut e liquidto their reputation. One of the signature flavors that they currently offer is the ChocoNut.  They offer many more chocolate themed e liquids in comparison to the vanillas, which out of those I like the Very Vanilla.

Choconut Review

A collage of Caribbean Coconut along with Chocolate Delight with in the same cartridge represents a beautiful mix of the beach and gourmet experience. Enjoy the crunchiness of the ever delightful Caribbean Coconut with the silky smooth chocolate. The resulting flavor is rich in aroma and a taste that leaves no room for imagination. Feel the tropical feels of coconut roam through your taste buds and provide you with a relaxing theme. Put the chocolate in that particular taste and you experience a flavor that’s relaxing and ecstatic at the same time. As you feel the tropical sense of the flavor fading away, it is replaced ever so smoothly by the silky smooth and sweet taste of chocolate. It truly is one heavenly experience and words don’t do it justice.

As the coconut leans towards the harder side of the throat hit, the chocolate in the end tends to counterbalance it just as the drag is ending. This makes for a harder hit as you start to vape buts ends in a smoother vape that leaves you craving for just a bit more. A choice between the standard 70/30 mix of PG/VG and a 50/50 mix of PG/VG allows you to choose the intensity of the flavor that you want to enjoy. Couple that with the highest quality ingredients used in the making and the ability to choose the exact amount of nicotine content within each cartridge and you’re looking at a truly custom made vaping experience that is meant just for you. VaporFi ensures that you get the best of vaping, and their choice of flavors available predetermined is just great.

I’ve always maintained that VaporFi is one of the best e cigarettes money can buy.  Now, they’ve sold me on the idea of their e liquid refills being just as good!